Reprinted from a NewTek press release:

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video products, today announced that forthcoming VT[3] full suites and software upgrades will ship with a full copy of NewTek's LightWave 3D included, in lieu of LightWave Express, through June 30th, 2003. Those who purchase NewTek's VT[2] between now and when VT[3] is released are eligible to receive the VT[3] update free by download, and will also receive full LightWave 3D with their free upgrade.

"NewTek's philosophy has always been to deliver cutting-edge broadcast video and graphics technology with tremendous value propositions for our customers," said Jim Plant, President and Chief Executive Officer of NewTek, Inc. "Combining the full version of LightWave 3D with the real-time compositing, editing and video processing power of the VT[3] broadcast production system is yet another example of that philosophy in action."

VT[3] is an integrated production suite providing live switching, real-time keying, titling, compositing, 2D video painting, 3D modeling and animation, with the highest-quality uncompressed component digital video output. VT[3] offers built-in integration for a wide range of popular tools for effects production, including Digital Fusion, After Effects, combustion, 3ds max, and more, allowing artists to have instant feedback on what their shots, graphics elements, and composites will look like at broadcast time. LightWave 3D is the industry standard in 3D modeling, texturing, animation and rendering, used by a host of Emmy and Oscar nominees and winners to create powerful new visual realities for the screen.

"NewTek's VT allows us to complete projects under ridiculously short deadlines by letting us do in minutes work which would otherwise take hours," said Rich Helvey, lead animator for NBC's Access Hollywood. "With its tight integration with LightWave and Aura and its own robust set of video editing tools, and real-time operation, VT lets me be as creative as I want to be. When it comes to 3D animation, LightWave is fast enough to handle our nightmare 4-hour deadlines, flexible enough to let me create whatever I need, and it just looks fantastic. It just flat out works."

VT[3] Features include:
Ease of use – designed for professionals who need to get work done on time and on budget
Complete suite of virtual equipment all done in software – monitors, decks, switchers, waveform/vectorscopes, audio mixer and more
Integrated timeline and storyboard editing
Multiple layers in real-time – as many as your system can handle – not limited in the software
Real-time keyframeable color correction and blur
Multi-format and multi-standard editing, with standards conversion on the fly in real-time
Real-time playback of compressed and uncompressed clips
Native DV support, component, Y/C, and composite I/O
Real-time 3D transitions, slow motion and reverse, chroma and luma keying
2D video paint with pixel tracking, filters, more
Optional SX-8, 8-component up to 24-composite input Switcher
Optional RS-8 Switcher Control Surface

LightWave 3D features include:
World-class rendering
Fast, versatile Modeler
Powerful scripting language
Character Animation tools
Particle Effects
Fast and easy keyframe animation
Easy import of Illustrator data
Easy integration with other production tools

Pricing and Availability
Video Toaster [2], regularly priced at $2995US, will be $2495US from now until Video Toaster [3] ships, and those purchasing during this special promotional period will receive the Video Toaster [3] software update at no additional charge for the downloadable version, or may purchase a convenience upgrade on CDs for $99US. Price of the Video Toaster [3] software update, when it becomes available, will be $595US for registered Video Toaster [2] owners. Price of Video Toaster [3] to be announced on release, but no less than $2995. For information on the nearest NewTek authorized reseller and turnkey system partners, see

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