Reprinted from a Leitch press release:

Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV; NASDAQ:LVID) announced today that the acclaimed TitleMotion character generation software from Inscriber Technology Corporation will be included with all new purchases of the dpsVelocityQ non-linear editing system.

Inscriber TitleMotion enables dpsVelocityQ users to create stunning video titles quickly and easily. Plug-in support for TitleMotion within dpsVelocityQ gives editors full access to all of TitleMotion’s powerful features. These include rolls, crawls, anti-aliased text, soft-edge shadows, drawing tools, background import and productivity tools such as drag-and-drop style chips, and the powerful template feature with over 200 professional templates. TitleMotion also enables users to take any title and create multi-layered animations to fly text, graphics and logos and draw objects around the screen following customized motion paths. Every moving object including characters can be flipped, twisted, skewed or rotated, and filters such as transparency can be applied to the animation over time.

“Inscriber TitleMotion is widely recognized as one of the standards for titling in non-linear editing,” said Brad Nogar, Leitch vice president and general manager for post production. “TitleMotion offers our users an extensive feature set, powerful interface and an easy upgrade path as their needs grow, with TitleMotion Pro.”

Inscriber TitleMotion is included with all new dpsVelocityQ boardset-and-software bundles and fully integrated turnkey solutions purchased after April 1, 2003. Existing dpsVelocityQ owners can add TitleMotion to their systems at special, limited-time promotional pricing through their authorized Leitch Post Production reseller.

Award-winning dpsVelocityQ combines the dpsQuattrus multi-stream, real-time hardware with an enhanced version of dpsVelocity software to create a fully integrated, multi-layer NLE solution with an exceptional combination of real-time power, quality and affordability. Features include real-time, full-quality playback of four video streams, up to six graphics streams and four channels of real-time 3D DVE, including perspectives and warps.

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