In-sync Announces Speed Razor HD 2.0

Reprinted from an In-sync press release:

In-sync announces Speed Razor HD 2.0 editing package for the Windows Platform. This version of Speed Razor HD adds features and functions pivotal for the high end HD production facility. Speed Razor HD was the first editor that supported variable frame rate editing. With new 720P support, the definition of variable frame rate is now complete. Other new capabilities include the ability to up-convert HD frames, support for 24 frame EDLs, new in-sync EDL, full import and export of AVID EDLs, and more. The new in-sync EDL auto generates an in-sync EDL to ensure that your project is always safeguarded.

Speed Razor HD 2.0 also brings exceptional MPEG capabilities important to the HD environment which result in a much higher quality MPEG than what is ordinarily delivered in the market place with features like customizable frame rate, 20 pass variable bit rate encodes, manual VBR, Constant Quality, RealTime constant Bit rate, RealTime CQ encoding and much more.

Other features include newer support for professional multi- channel audio cards, Audio True Scrub, precise VU Meters, faster saving projects, and more.

Projects made in Speed Razor HD 2.0 are fully compatible with Blade 2.1. This means a full HD production environment can be completely outfitted with Speed Razor HD 2.0 hardware based system surrounded by Blade 2.1 software stations for on full resolution editing, on-location dailies, re-edits, bin sorting, compositing, and more. When most production houses look at what it costs to get one HD station offered by other companies; they can instead look at having greater flexibility, power, performance, and picture quality.

Pricing and Availability
In-sync Speed Razor HD 2.0 is available as a turnkey system on BOXX HD and will be available Q2 2003.

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