Reprinted from a DVLine press release:

DVLine, Avid Technology, Pinnacle Systems and Sonic Foundry begin a roadshow from May 20 through June 19. This unique format will provide users with the opportunity to evaluate three of the most innovative software applications for video editing on the market. Each company is providing a seasoned Engineer to demonstrate their product’s features. As a shootout, there will be a rebuttal period at the end of each session to allow each company a chance to clarify issues and features. “The customers win again” says DVLine’s Ken Bell. “Potential buyers get the marketing spin from online resources and trade shows. Coming to a shootout format lets them examine product strengths AND weaknesses allowing them to make a better buying decision”.

Avid Technology expects to demonstrate features of the new Xpress DV Professional and Mojo; part of the company’s DNA strategy. Pinnacle Systems will be presenting new Edition 5 and Edition 5 Pro software; expected to attract interest due to a friendly interface and integrated DVD authoring capability. Vegas 4 and Vegas+DVD will round out the competition from Sonic Foundry. Long known in the audio world, Sonic Foundry Vegas technology is one of the first to embrace 24p.

Rounding out the tour will be Smartsound. A demo artist will present SonicFire Pro; a unique product for scoring video productions. Finally, DVLine will be showcasing all of the above on world class laptops and workstations.

The roadshow is a 10 city event with a complete itinerary at:

Seminar participation is free, though registration is required.

For details, contact