ATI to License muvee AutoProducer

Reprinted from a muvee Technologies press release:

muvee Technologies, the pioneer in smart automatic video production, today announced that it has signed an agreement with ATI Technologies Inc. to license muvee autoProducer DVD Technologies.

In the deal, which was announced here at the National Association of Broadcasters show, a variety of new multimedia cards will be shipped with muvee autoProducer DVD enabled technologies this year. This paradigm-shifting automatic video production software features muvee Technologies’ groundbreaking and patent-pending technology, which enables users to quickly and easily capture their home videos, automatically remove the less interesting scenes and combine the results with background music to create powerful, breathtaking personal music videos in a fraction of the time it would take using existing video technologies.

Pete Kellock, founder and CEO of muvee Technologies, said, “ATI’s reputation in the graphics and video industry is unmatched and we are proud to team with the market leader to enhance the multimedia experience for all our users.”

Godfrey Cheng, Director of Multimedia Marketing at ATI, said, “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with muvee. muvee has revolutionized the concept of consumer video production with its pioneering technology and muvee autoProducer is a perfect complement to our cutting-edge graphics and multimedia solutions including the award winning ALL-IN-WONDER family of products.”

ATI is expected to begin including muvee autoProducer DVD Edition with a variety of its products in May of this year.

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