SoftNI Introduces NLE-Titler for Adobe Premiere

Reprinted from a SoftNI press release:

SoftNI Corporation, pioneering developers of subtitling solutions, today introduced a new series of subtitling solutions for the major NLE systems, starting with NLE-Titler for Adobe Premiere.

The new NLE-subtitling modules are integrated with SoftNI’s Subtitler Suite, an all-purpose subtitling solution that lets users rapidly compose and time subtitling files that comply with all international standards. The new NLE-Titler-AP module exports the subtitles as high quality, anti-aliased bitmaps, formatted for Adobe Premiere. The plug-in lets users import and automatically place the subtitles with correct timecodes onto the Premiere timeline. When the video is rendered, the subtitles are burnt in as a permanent part of the video image.

SoftNI President Jos M. Salgado said, “Our new NLE-Titler-AP initiates a series of releases that will cover all major NLE platforms. It provides a top-quality, convenient, cost-effective way to respond to the fast-growing demand for subtitling. Surprisingly often, NLE users still create subtitles very laboriously in-house, using a CG, or the basic titling utilities that are included with most NLE’s, neither of which address subtitling’s unique requirements.”

“Universally, post and corporate producers have been looking for a better way. Similarly, subtitling companies have needed a way to prepare high-quality subtitles in NLE format. We are very pleased to meet the needs of thousands of Premiere users and subtitling firms by adding NLE-Titler-AP to our versatile Subtitler Suite.”

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