JVC Chooses FOCUS Enhancements’ DV Disk Recording Solution For Its Professional Line of Digital Camcorders

Reprinted from a Focus Enhancements press release:

FOCUS Enhancements, Inc. (NASDAQ SC: FCSE), a worldwide leader in video production and conversion technology, today announced that its digital disk recording solution has been chosen for use in JVC’s professional line of DV camcorders. The solution was based on FOCUS Enhancements’ unique Direct To Edit Technology (DTE) and will be marketed by JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY under the name DR-DV5000, the first DTE-capable recorder that mounts between a camcorder and battery system.

“We have been working with FOCUS Enhancements to develop the best DV recording solution and are very pleased with the end result,” said Juan Martinez, national product marketing manager for JVC Professional USA. “By incorporating FOCUS Enhancements’ DTE Technology, we were able to create a total solution that meets the growing needs of our broadcast and professional customers.”

DTE Technology is FOCUS Enhancements’ proprietary recording process that enables the recording of video, audio and time code directly to removable, FireWire disk drives. For the first time, edit ready clips are immediately available to the non-linear editing (NLE) system in their native file formats including RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime and Avid DV-OMF. This eliminates the capturing process, saving a videographer up to 25 hours a month1. DTE Technology was the developing ground for FOCUS Enhancements’ current line of FireStore DV disk recorders, which offers the same time saving benefits as the DR-DV5000.

“We are extremely pleased that JVC has chosen DTE Technology and the DR-DV5000 for its DV disk recording solutions”, said David O’Kelly, vice president of business development with FOCUS Enhancements. “It is truly a testament of our ability to develop technologies that meet today’s market needs.”

The DR-DV5000 is designed to mount between the camcorder and battery system on JVC’s full line of Professional DV camcorders. It can record up to four and half hours on a single drive (based on a 60 GB capacity) and comes with retro loop and time lapse recording. Other features include multiple control modes, powerful disk utilities, playback modes, infrared remote control with wired and serial remote control options, and a small, lightweight enclosure that mounts directly to a camcorder’s battery plate. When mounted directly to the JVC GY-DV5000 camcorder, a single connector interfaces to the DR-DV5000 and provides enhanced integration.

Availability and Pricing
The DR-DV5000 will be marketed and distributed by JVC Professional as an option to its line of Professional DV camcorders. Customers can also purchase an optional user-configurable DR-DV5000 0GB FireWire hard drive enclosure. Both will be priced and available through the JVC Professional worldwide distribution network in Q2 2003. Additional information can be found on the JVC Professional website at http://pro.jvc.com or on the FOCUS website at http://www.focusinfo.com.

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