Reprinted from an ItWorks press release:

ItWorks recently released the CALIBUG–a pocket USB tool that can generate as many as 100 video test patterns. The CALIBUG also turns any PC or laptop equipped with Composite/YC video outputs into an NTSC video test signal generator: rivaling those that cost thousands of dollars.

Designed with input from a team of video professionals (including a former TV station Chief Engineer and a Multimedia Producer), the CALIBUG is a complete set of video reference tools, measurement aids, video and audio tests, and multimedia content designed to help you tune your NTSC composite video system to its full potential. All this, plus the convenience of having a device that clips onto your belt or slides into your pocket to take anywhere!


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Key features of the CALIBUG include:

  • No drivers required!-Windows ME, 2000 and XP all detect the CALIBUG automatically! USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant.
  • Auto-Run-Included self-configuring software allows the CALIBUG to auto-run when plugged in, and auto-shutoff when unplugged. No fussing with typing commands or locating program files with Explorer.
  • Pocket Sized USB-No smaller Video Test Generator exists on the planet! Easy to clip to a shirt pocket, or hang around your neck with the included lanyard. Can also be attached to a key chain!
  • Industrial Orange Case-High impact plastic case, water and dirt resistant. The color ensures that it doesn't get easily lost in toolboxes or bench clutter. Bright "industrial orange" color is easy to see, even in dim light.
  • USB Extender Cable-A 6 foot USB cable is included to help with PC's that have rear panel or inaccessible USB ports.
  • Low Power, Lightweight-Only 15 grams, and draws < 300uA in Standby and 40mA Operating Current -Won't wear down a laptop battery!

    CALIBUG Built In Features:

  • NTSC Pattern Generator-Interactive menu selectable patterns.
  • Modern NTSC Test Patterns-Every test pattern needed, including helpful information on what it does and how to use it– plus full screen broadcast quality output using an NTSC enabled video card or scan converter. SMPTE, EIA, NTC7, Phillips, Pluge, Crosshatch, Raster, Convergence, the works! Over 100 different styles and resolutions are available on the CALIBUG.
  • LCD Monitor/LCD Video Projector Test Patterns-Makes setting up a video projector with proper focus and contrast easy. Run them right off the CALIBUG into a PC's SVGA port to drive full screen projector tests.
  • Menu Driven Test Pattern Generator-Choose and display all the patterns full screen with no annoying "Windows" components like the "Title bar" in the way. CALIBUG's video output is always full screen.
  • Multimedia Test Program-Check out the most important multimedia features of a PC to ensure it can handle the job: check Color, Fonts, Audio playback, Video Playback and more.
  • Audio Test Tone Generator-Create specific audio test tones with your sound card.
  • Bars and Tone Generator-Full Field or SMPTE color bars with the ability to enter your name, station ID or label, date/time along with 1 kHz tone.
  • Safe Title Area Generator-Make sure those graphics and titles are lined up within the safe area of the TV screen.
  • Classic Test Patterns-The "Indian Head" from the 50's, the EIA and SMPTE patterns, all the great classics–just for fun or nostalgia. You can output these classic video test patterns direct to video from the CALIBUG!

    CALIBUG Software on USB Features:

  • NTSC Glossary-Get up to speed on all the terminology.
  • Samples of Waveforms-Just as seen on Waveform monitors and Vectorscopes to ensure you get it right.
  • NTSC Parameter Reference-All those little waveform numbers in microseconds presented in a graphical and tabular format.
  • Video Formats-NTSC, PAL, S-Video, RGB, HDTV–All explained with pictorials.
  • Component Formats-Our graphical presentation makes it easy to understand formats; such as what R-Y B-Y waveforms really mean.
  • Video Equations-Get a handle on those hard to understand equations: like why red and green make yellow.
  • Several Additional Test Patterns-Over 100–including DV and HDTV resolution patterns. A separate CD-ROM of the NTSC Reference Suite Version 3.1 is provided for permanent installation on a PC.

    Price: $99.95 each Immediate availability, dealer inquiries invited

    For more information, visit their Website at:

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