Reprinted from a Datavideo press release:

Datavideo Corporation announces that it is now shipping SE-800, the only moderately priced four-DV-input mixer/switcher that provides full professional operation with four simultaneously available video and audio inputs, plus an auxiliary audio input.

The SE-800 gives complete creative and production control whether it’s used in an online – streaming video business meeting, a televised live meeting, or a local cable-access news broadcast.

Producers can now shoot, mix and edit their video, all within the DV25 format while controlling the SE-800’s dissolve, chroma key and more than 50 built-in effects with its full-size keyboard.

And of course special video effects such as mosaic, picture-in-picture (PIP), strobe, paint/posterization, cut and fades, zooms and wipes are included and can be easily programmed into the SE-800’s 30 playback function keys.

An RGB color processor and a color corrector is built into each input of the SE-800.

“Customized settings can be easily saved in memory so producers and editors can quickly fine-tune the video output as they switch between inputs and formats,” announced Jack Lin, President and CEO of Datavideo Technologies Co. Ltd.

The SE-800’s built in format converters manage any combination of up to four simultaneous analog and digital audio and video inputs and outputs.

Its dual-channel time base corrector (TBC) with YUV 4:2:2 frame synchronizers are designed for composite, S-video (Y/C) and component (YUV) input/output assuring stable and high quality video images from any source.

The SE-800 can also serve as a sync reference for analog cameras, video projectors and scan converters.

“Datavideo has the only switcher that offers four-input pure digital multi-DV switching and it gives us the ability to synch external audio to video tracks perfectly too…everything about it is solid and very reliable,” says Rich Rubin, professional pilot and producer at Professional Video Systems.

SE-800 data includes an SDI input/output port (for serial digital video) that can connect to an optional graphics card enabling real time video overlays of titles and graphics and titles that are generated from a linked PC.

Included with the SE-800 is a rugged carrying case, a 115/240 VAC power supply and four 6/4 DV adapters.

MSRP $4500.00 FOB Whittier, CA

Datavideo’s new SE-800 is available nationally through professional audio/video distributors.