Canopus Announces Adobe Premiere 6.5 Bundle for ADVC-1394

Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning, digital video editing systems, today announced the bundling of award-winning Adobe Premiere 6.5 video editing software with its ADVC-1394, the industry-leading OHCI analog and DV capture solution for Windows. Beginning immediately, customers can purchase this special editing bundle at a cost-effective price of $399.

With its plug-and-play design, ADVC-1394 lets video enthusiasts easily capture video from either analog or DV camcorders. ADVC-1394 uses Canopus’s proven DV codec technology to provide unparalleled picture quality, along with the company’s locked audio technology for perfect audio and video synchronization. ADVC-1394 reflects the strong engineering and product stability found in Canopus’s professional level video products.

ADVC-1394 provides easy connections for storage devices, CD-RW drives, scanners, digital still cameras, and more. For greater convenience, Canopus also offers an ADVC-1394 Bay breakout box option that moves the DV and analog connections to an empty bay on the front of the PC for easy plug-and-play operation.

Pricing and Availability
The ADVC-1394 and Adobe Premiere 6.5 bundle is available now from Canopus and its authorized dealers and system integrators for a suggested retail price of $399. The ADVC-1394 Bay option is also available for a suggested retail price of $89.

System Requirements
Minimum system requirements include Windows ME/Windows 2000 Professional/Windows XP Home/Windows XP Professional, AMD Athlon(tm) 500MHz or Intel Pentium(tm) III 600MHz or higher, 128MB of RAM, Ultra ATA/66 or faster hard drive, PCI sound system supporting 48 kHz audio-out and analog-in, graphics card with DirectDraw off-screen overlay and DirectX 8-compliant 1024×768 color resolution, a free PCI slot (v2.1 or higher) and a CD-ROM drive.

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