Contour A/V Solutions Announces Jog/Shuttle Controller for TEPX Logging Software

Reprinted from a Contour A/V Solutions press release:

Imagine Products, Inc. and Contour A/V Solutions Inc., release ShuttlePRO Jog and Shuttle Controller for TEPX (The Executive Producer v10.3) video logging software. This collaboration gives users the ability to control frequently used commands with the touch of a button, and enables jog control of DV (FireWire) or serial (RS422) decks from the desktop.

The pre-configured settings are available for free and immediate download for ShuttlePRO users from and websites.

The Contour ShuttlePRO Multimedia Controller provides natural and total control over video cataloging software. As a jog & shuttle controller, the ShuttlePRO offers timeline accuracy that a computer mouse and arrow keys can’t deliver, and its programmable buttons let users work faster and easier than ever before by placing total control at their fingertips.

The latest version of The Executive Producer, TEPX, is a universal deluxe video logger for any video format. Create shot lists for any Non-Linear Editor (Final Cut Pro, Avid, Media100, etc). TEPX allows users to control and log from any video source, including FireWire (DV) and BetaCam (RS422), as well as Sony and Panasonic PC-VCRs (RS232).

All versions of TEPX for Windows include features to facilitate logging, searching and sharing. The software has easy template editing, sorting and auto-increment data fields. With thumbnail capture and patented Auto Capture Technology scene detection to assist with logging, and custom templates and spell checking to streamline data entry, TEPX is a valuable tool for logging video in the field or in the studio.

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