Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Canopus Corporation, developers of award-winning digital video editing solutions, today announced DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools. The next generation in the DV Raptor series, the DVRaptor RT2 combines Canopus’s industry leading DV codec, along with realtime DV and analog out in Adobe Premiere. Targeted at the video enthusiast market, DVRaptor RT2 is a cost-effective, professional-quality, DV capture, editing and DVD authoring solution. DVRaptor RT2 is fully scalable – as CPU speed increases, so does editing performance. This continues Canopus’s commitment to its customer’s return on investment. To provide the ultimate realtime functionality to DVRaptor series users, Canopus has developed the DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools, a collection of powerful effects tools, including realtime 3D Picture-in-Picture for use with Adobe Premiere 6.5.

DVRaptor RT2 includes EzEdit, Canopus’s own nonlinear editing software, which combines ease-of-use features with a straightforward interface. Canopus’s DV capture tool provides single-pass scan and capture for up to three video streams at once. SoftMPG for quick creation of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video and the award-winning Ulead DVD Workshop SE authoring software are also bundled with DVRaptor RT2 to make DVD creation easier than ever. Capture, edit and write to DVD – DVRaptor RT2 has the answers.

Users of Adobe Premiere 6.5 gain even more editing power with DVRaptor RT2, including the ability to handle multiple moving titles and graphics layers using three streams of video. When combined with Premiere, DVRaptor RT2 provides users with 24 realtime video filters, such as Color Correction, Mosaic, Emboss, Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key, Luma Key and Chrominance, as well as 30 simultaneous realtime title and graphic layers.

To boost video editing power even further, Canopus is offering DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools to DVRaptor RT2 customers, as well as current DVRaptor RT users. DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools brings the very latest in Canopus Effects Technology to Adobe Premiere. DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools deliver six video filters, eight 3DRT transitions; including the new 3D Picture-in-Picture transition, which features the industry’s most flexible 3D PIP handling capabilities. New video filters include Mirror, Raster Scroll, Tunnel Vision, Loop Slide, Strobe, White Balance and Black Balance, bringing additional color-correction capabilities to DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT.

DVRaptor RT2 is available this week from Canopus and its authorized dealers for a suggested retail price of $499. DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools is also available this week and is priced at $99. For a great value, Canopus is offering DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools bundled together for $549.

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