Ulead Announces AC-3, Autoplay support for DVD Workshop

Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing, and DVD authoring software, today announced that Ulead DVD Workshop, Ulead’s advanced DVD authoring software, will soon support Dolby AC-3 audio files so that viewers can enjoy the quality of Dolby Surround Sound when watching a DVD created with DVD Workshop. The software will also include DVD AutoPlay, an auto-run player, so viewers can watch a DVD without the hassle of first installing DVD playback software on their computer.

DVD Workshop users can now import 5.1 Surround Sound AC-3 audio files and create Stereo AC-3 files within DVD Workshop. This high-quality, audio file format, also known as Dolby Digital in theatres, ensures audio playback compatibility, a higher compression rate for producing small audio files, and the ability to offer Dolby 5.1 surround sound on DVD Workshop authored discs. The software also includes Ulead AutoPlay, an auto-run DVD playback software that can be burned to DVD or VideoCD discs.

DVD Workshop is one of the first DVD authoring software products in the prosumer category to provide users with professional and flexible menu authoring features at a cost-effective price. The software has won Videomaker’s Best Intermediate DVD Authoring Software Product for 2002 award, LAPTOP and eMedia Magazine’s Editor’s Choice and Animation Magazine’s Seal of Excellence award.

Availability and Price
DVD Workshop AC-3, the full version of DVD Workshop with AC-3 support, will be available for $495. For existing DVD Workshop users, the AC-3 PowerPack can be downloaded for $199. Both products will be available at the end of February via Ulead’s Web site at www.ulead.com.

About DVD Workshop
Ulead DVD Workshop is a powerful and flexible DVD authoring software that provides precise control over DVD menu design for video professionals and enthusiasts. The heart of Ulead DVD Workshop lies in the advanced, flexible menu authoring features. Full of professional design tools, DVD Workshop provides precise control of all creative elements that a DVD menu may command while offering over 60 theme-based convenient menu templates to produce fast results or jump-start the creative process. Authors can create dynamic, professional DVDs with motion menus, customizable video scene thumbnails, and precise selection highlight colors and actions.

In addition to complex menu design, Ulead DVD Workshop includes convenient capture and conversion tools. Ulead’s MPEG-Direct capture saves conversion time and hard disc space by capturing video directly to MPEG format using FireWire (IEEE 1394) and analog capture boards. DVD Workshop also imports existing AVI and MOV video and automatically transcodes the files into high-quality, DVD-ready MPEG files when the user is ready to burn their DVD. To simplify the recording process, Ulead DVD Workshop works directly with the newest DVD-R,/RW, and DVD+R/RW recorders as well as most CD-R and CD-RW devices without the need for additional burning software.

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