From Sony press release

LAS VEGAS, (CES, Booth #N109), Jan. 8, 2003 A recent independent study revealed that a staggering 75 percent of Americans regret not having a camcorder to capture spontaneous, everyday life moments and that almost half that don’t own a camcorder perceive they’re a luxury item rather than an affordable, everyday device.

Sony Electronics today introduced two entry-level Handycam camcorders for those wishing to test the digital video waters, and capture those everyday moments they’re missing now.

Sony’s two new Digital8 Handycam camcorders, the DCR-TRV250 and DCR-TRV350 camcorders, expected to sell for about $400 and $500 respectively, are Sony’s most affordable digital video camcorders for 2003.

Both models offer Sony’s advanced Worry-Free Recording features, such as SteadyShot Picture Stabilization to compensate for camera shake without compromising image quality, and NightShot? O Lux Recording system for capturing video in total darkness.

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