Ulead Announces VideoStudio 7

Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing and DVD authoring software, today announces Ulead VideoStudio 7, the next version of its popular, consumer-level video editing software. With VideoStudio 7, Ulead ups the ante in the consumer video editing category by offering advanced technology typically only found in more expensive, professional video editing software. VideoStudio, which received CNET’s Editor’s Choice award and four out of five stars from PC Magazine, boasts enhancements that make it faster and easier for anyone, from the soccer mom to the seasoned video enthusiast, to quickly turn home videos into polished movies.

VideoStudio 7 saves time and enhances the creative process with real-time capture, edit and output. Using a display card to output to a second display device, users can now preview their creation on TV with high-quality, real-time, full-screen previews. VideoStudio 7 is also one of the first consumer software applications to offer increased processing speeds of up to 23% by fully supporting Intel’s Hyper-Threading (HT) technology. At the same time, VideoStudio 7 leverages the performance gains offered by dual processors.

“We’re pleased that Ulead has designed VideoStudio 7 to take advantage of Intel’s powerful, Hyper-Threading technology,” said David L. Brown, general manager of the Solutions Enabling Division in Intel’s Software and Solutions Group. “Enabling consumers, especially those new to video editing, to work quickly and efficiently is essential to having a good first video editing experience.”

“Shooting video is fun. Ulead is showing consumers that editing can be too and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time,” says Travis White, video editing product manager of Ulead Systems, North America. “With true, real-time features and support for dual processors and HT technology, Ulead is taking the wait out of the editing process. Users now have the instant gratification of seeing their editing decisions immediately. With an easy-to-navigate interface and workflow, VideoStudio 7 is perfect software for novice video editors, yet now offers the same advanced performance previously only enjoyed by professionals.”

About VideoStudio 7 and Other New Features
VideoStudio 7 introduces users to the movie-making process with a step-by-step video editing tutorial. The software easily transfers video from a TV or camcorder, while a new, scene selection tool saves time by automatically capturing and splitting video clips by content. VideoStudio 7 works with a wide breadth of file formats, now including Windows Media Video as well as industry-leading support for Sony MICROMV.

With VideoStudio 7, Ulead is also the first software company to fully support the DVD-VR and DVD +RW Video Recording formats as well as leverage their “on-disc” editing capabilities. Now, consumers, who own camcorders that record to DVD or DVD set top recorders, finally have a way to capture, edit (directly on disc) and write video back in the original format.

Video enthusiasts can begin by selecting or removing multiple video segments with a new MultiCut tool. It’s then easy to jazz up a video by adding a soundtrack, narration, titles and stunning effects. A new, fast/slow motion tool slows down clips for dramatic scenes or speeds up clips for a humorous effect. As a final touch, COOL 3D 3.0 SE, included with VideoStudio 7, lets users add 3D animated titles and graphics as video overlays. Along with these new features, VideoStudio 7 has an enhanced workflow and user interface to help users eliminate unnecessary steps and intuitively locate tools.

Once a movie is finished, VideoStudio 7 can transfer to tape, DVD, VideoCD, DVD-RAM and the Web. VideoStudio 7 offers a powerful, new DVD authoring tool which enables users to create sophisticated DVDs with multiple videos, dual layer menus, and first play video clips. VideoStudio 7 makes the DVD creation process even faster by eliminating the need to render an MPEG file before making a DVD. At the same time, encoding and burning the DVD is nearly real-time due to improvements in Ulead’s MPEG.Now codec.

Availability and Price
VideoStudio 7 will be available in late February in North American retail stores and catalogs for $99.95. It will also be available as an electronic download at www.ulead.com for $89.95. Registered VideoStudio users will be able to download the upgrade version for $44.95 or buy the box edition for $49.95.

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