Matrox Announces Parhelia/After Effects Bundle

Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that the Matrox Parhelia 128MB digital video workstation graphics card is now available in a new bundle with Adobe After Effects 5.5, for only US$799 (a stand-alone value of US$1098). This bundled offering radically enhances the user’s compositing experience and efficiency, through Parhelia’s unique dual-display plus TV-output technology and free WYSIWYG plug-in for previewing After Effects projects on an NTSC or PAL video monitor.

“We are always looking for new ways to enhance the professional compositing workflow for our After Effects customers, including supporting the latest hardware innovations,” says David Trescot, director of dynamic media for Adobe. “The Matrox Parhelia board bundle will allow Adobe After Effects users to experience productivity gains with its extensive multi-display capabilities, including the ability to preview After Effects compositions in real-time on a full-screen video monitor.”

With a wide selection of multi-display modes, Parhelia provides After Effects users with the most productive environment for motion graphics and visual effects creation, which is crucial when working with multiple windows and extended timelines. Through Parhelia’s PureVideo technology and WYSIWYG plug-in for Adobe After Effects, users can preview their 2D or 3D compositions full-screen on a TV or video monitor to check for safe title area, proper color temperature and any interlacing artifacts prior to rendering. What’s more, Parhelia’s adjustable proc-amp controls for both the video window and TV allow users to benefit from unmatched image display quality.

“Matrox is the only graphics card company that is catering to the needs of digital video professionals through customized hardware and software development,” says Dan Wood, vice president technical marketing, Matrox Graphics Inc. “Parhelia is the definitive graphics card for Adobe After Effects users, and this bundle offers the unique combination of both products at a considerably lower price.”

Pricing and Availability

This special US$799 offer will be available throughout the Americas from Matrox Video Products Authorized Resellers in January 2003. Similar offers will be available worldwide. For more information on the Matrox Parhelia and Adobe After Effects bundle, please contact the Matrox Video Products Group at 1-800-361-4903 (US and Canada), (514) 685-2630, or email

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