Incite Editor 3.0 Released

Reprinted from an Incite press release:

Incite Multimedia Corporation has released Incite Editor 3.0 and it is now shipping worldwide.

Incite Editor 3.0 is the new generation of the Incite Editor non-linear editing application for broadcasting and post production, powered by Matrox DigiSuite MAX hardware. A multifaceted, distributive production tool, Incite Editor 3.0 simplifies workflow through its new state-of-the-art interface, new media management tools and built in Task Server technology. In addition, the robust database architecture delivers unmatched freedom and flexibility when it comes to collaborative production, allowing full transparency with Incite’s product family and third-party applications in networking environments.

“Incite Editor 3.0 is all about revolutionizing workflow, whether it is on a single workstation or network based”, says Amir Rijavec, Director of Product Management for Incite. “The emphasis is placed on offering a distributive application that can communicate freely with other workstations and has seamless access to all media assets, especially crucial in tapeless network environments. Of course networking is a key feature and we take pride that we offer a variety of scenarios, whether it is point to point, 1394 networking, NAS or SAN, for both small and large scale facilities, as well as for editors on the move or in the field – the edit suite is no longer an island. And, Incite exploits new breakthroughs in OS and PC architecture like CPU hyper-threading so that editors can take advantage of both increases in traditional performance and new collective concepts like render farming and batch processing. All of these points are part and parcel of Incite’s Editor 3.0 family of products and are absolutely fundamental for the technical directors and system integrators who are spearheading designs for today’s broadcasters and post facilities. It will have a huge impact on the industry.”

Incite Editor 3.0 offers:

  • A powerfully redesigned user interface that streamlines each step of production.
  • Edit during capture: Edit media files while they are being captured to disk (Studio and Suite versions).
  • Batch render while editing: Edit sequences while batch rendering clips in the background.
  • Built in Task Server technology: manages local render requests and can be expanded to distribute tasks over the network (render farming).
  • Advanced media management tools with full control over all media assets and metadata.
  • Transparent access to local and network shared storage of media, graphics and effects.
  • Enhancements for Incite Editor’s renowned editors toolkit, real-time video and audio FX, advanced audio editing features, and compositing features.
  • Optimized for the latest Service Packs of Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional.
  • Multi-threaded architecture takes full advantage of today’s CPUs, including Hyperthreading when using Intel Xeon processors and Windows XP Professional (only supported on Incite certified systems).
  • Professional image quality provided by Matrox DigiSuite MAX video technology.
  • Robust and open architecture designed for project collaboration and SAN-networking.
  • New project configuration tools and configuration templates, which can be customized and modified by network administrators, system integrators and news directors on the fly.
  • The same easy-to-use interface design applies to the entire Incite product family – learn one, know them all!
  • Dynamic transparency with the Incite product family. Open the same project using different formats in different Incite applications: Low-res proxy, DV, Standard Definition and High Definition (HD).

More about Incite:

Incite Multimedia Corporation, Inc. designs editing software used by independent editors, post-production facilities and TV broadcasters around the world. Incite’s product line offers professional end-to-end solutions to efficiently capture, cut, finish, and deliver high quality video and audio in a collaborative workflow environment. Building on relationships with leading technological partners, Incite Multimedia supplies versatile and scalable products for today’s content creators delivering to TV, the web, tape or DVD. For more information visit

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