Reprinted from a JVC press release:

The growing use of several different DV tape formats creates a need for a studio video tape recorder (VTR) that can accept a wide range of cassettes. The current economy mandates that any upcoming VTR be affordable and suitable for both nonlinear editing (NLE) and studio recording applications. JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY answered these demands with the release of the BR-DV3000U.

JVC’s new BR-DV3000U supports all sizes of DV and DVCam tapes without an adapter, covering almost 90 percent of the digital recording market today. It also records and plays back both NTSC and PAL video standards, and the BR-DV3000U lists for $1,995.

The BR-DV3000U’s IEEE-1394 (“Firewire”) compatibility, RS-422A interface and optional RM-G30U wired remote provide industry standard control for use in NLE suites as a program feed and record deck. The longer recording capability and higher quality of the large DV cassettes allows the BR-DV3000U to archive several digital masters on one tape for economical storage. Using LA-DV276PRO cassettes, over 4.5 hours of recording time may be obtained.

The BR-DV3000U’s dual tension, multi-motor system provides precise cueing and reliable tape handling. Variable speed playback is included with a noiseless slow motion range of -1/3 to + 1/3 normal (useful in NLE systems that cannot produce jitter-free “slow-mos”). Search speeds range up to 100 times normal.

Studio recording is enhanced by the BR-DV3000U’s “automatic start” feature, which triggers the VTR to automatically begin recording five minutes prior to the tape runout of any compatible JVC camcorder or another BR-D3000U. Its native 12-volt DC power source (120V/240V AC adapter included) even allows the deck to be used for fieldwork or to be powered by an automobile battery. The deck is designed for horizontal or vertical mounting and a vertical stand is included.

Unlike prosumer (high-end consumer) VTRs, the BR-DV3000 features 48kHz audio that is locked with the video. LED level indicators are provided on the front panel.

The BR-DV3000 will appeal to widest variety of users, regardless of which brand or style of DV camcorder they own. Camera owners who have been exhausting their cameras as NLE source and record decks while they waited for an affordable solution now have what they have been waiting for,” said Juan Martinez, JVC’s National Products Marketing Manager.

The BR-DV3000U is now shipping.

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