Sony Introduces Click to DVD software with select VAIO PCs

Reprinted from a Sony press release:

Effortless DVD burning is here with the introduction of Sony’s Click to DVD software, available exclusively on select VAIO PC models. Also today, Sony is adding another dimension of multimedia capability with upgraded software, including enhanced versions of SonicStage for VAIO PC and PictureGear Studio applications.

Click to DVD software gives anyone the ability to quickly produce professional-grade DVDs. No lengthy manuals or computer science degrees are required; customized wedding videos as well as elegantly choreographed slideshows and presentations on DVD are now only a few clicks away.

And even photo albums can get a facelift with the new PictureGear Studio application.

“I know so many people who film family and friends with their camcorders and never look at the footage again,” said Mark Hanson, vice president and general manager of VAIO PC marketing for Sony Electronics. “With Click to DVD software anybody, no matter what their level of expertise, can clean out those dusty shoeboxes filled with digital or even VHS tapes and convert them to a durable piece of media that plays on most home DVD players.”

Hands-On or Hands-Off DVD Creation

Click to DVD software was created with two operating modes, automatic and manual, which gives you the freedom to chose the degree of DVD customization.

In automatic mode, you simply insert a blank DVD, plug in a camcorder, click the Create DVD button, and the software handles the rest. While the disk is burning, you can e-mail friends, surf the Internet or take advantage of other PC functions.

Manual mode makes it easy to combine video footage, photos and music to create customized, professional-looking masterpieces. Clips can be rearranged or combined and unwanted footage removed while leaving the original footage intact on the tape. Content can be condensed into highlights and chapter menus can be set so viewers can easily jump to the part of the video they want to watch without any tedious fast-forwarding. Creations can be personalized by changing the titles, backgrounds or music.

Another useful feature is the slide show function, where pages automatically advance, creating a choreographed DVD photo album. Customized photo arrangements can be synchronized with background music for a dramatic effect.

For example, a couple wanting to show photos during a wedding reception can create a personal DVD set to music, culminating with their first dance, and hand it out as a memento. Or, a business person can use the slide show to create a capabilities presentation highlighting relevant experience, reference sample projects and exhibit other important information – and then distribute it to potential clients.

The Software Keeps Getting Better

In addition to Click to DVD software, Sony has enhanced its popular suite of bundled multimedia editing applications, including PictureGear Studio and SonicStage for VAIO PC software.

The PictureGear Studio application lets you store and share all of your digital photos. Now anyone can create a photo album and quickly convert it to a Flash-based animation small enough to share with friends and family via e-mail.

SonicStage for VAIO PC software, which provides the ability to download, store, manage and control digital music files, now sports an improved graphical user interface. As a result, creating personal playlists and customized CDs is easier than ever.


Click-to-DVD software and its companion multimedia editing applications are available on five new VAIO PCs, including the PCV-RX860, PCV-RZ14G and PCV-RZ16G desktop PCs, and Sony’s first notebook PCs with rewritable DVD drives, the PCG-GRX670, PCG-GRX690 models and the PCG-NV200 series.

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