Toshiba Announces mobile DVD burner

Reprinted from a Toshiba press release:

Extending its leadership in developing optical storage products to meet evolving needs, Toshiba’s Storage Device Division (SDD) today announced two new combination drives that deliver DVD/CD recordability to notebook and desktop computers. Based on the DVD-R/RW format, Toshiba’s combination drives support the most widely compatible DVD standard, giving consumers the highest level of compatibility with legacy DVD devices.

Toshiba’s SD-R6012 slim combination drive — the industry’s first DVD/CD recordable drive for mobile computers — allows PC manufacturers to deliver unprecedented functionality to mobile computer users, providing both DVD and CD read and write capabilities. Until now, only desktop computers have had the luxury of DVD recordability for applications such as audio/video editing and personal digital compilations.

“Consumers are looking to create, edit, and burn both work-related and personal digital productions — on the fly and on the go,” said Maciek Brzeski, vice president of marketing at Toshiba SDD. “Our new lightweight combination drive brings DVD recording to the mobile world, providing users with a stepping stone to move from CD to DVD technology for creating and storing family photos, files, videos and other memories people don’t want to lose.”

The SD-R6012 slim drive supports writing DVD-R/RW at 1X, writing CD-R/RW at 16x/10x, and reads 8X DVD and 24X CD.

Toshiba Also Introduces Its First Desktop DVD Recordable Drive

Increasing the functionality of its popular desktop combination drive with the addition of DVD recording technology, Toshiba also introduced the SD-R5002 recordable drive today. Supporting read and write functionality for the DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW formats, the new desktop drive is compatible with the majority of legacy DVD players — enabling PC OEMs to build products that assure consumers of media compatibility when used with other DVD/CD systems.

The SD-R5002 desktop drive is also available as an upgrade kit, allowing consumers with existing desktop computers to add DVD recording functionality. The included industry-leading software provides for theater-quality movie viewing and burning of DVDs that contain personal videos and digital still image slide-shows. The software compilation includes:

  • Cyberlink PowerDVD — The leading software DVD player
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector Pro — Integrated personal movie-making solution
  • VOB Instant CD/DVD (InstantDisc, InstantBackup, InstantCopy, InstantWrite, InstantMusic, InstantVideo)

    About Toshiba’s DVD Recordable Technology

    Given the popularity of DVD and the evolution of recordable/rewritable formats for entertainment content, Toshiba’s new SD-R6012 slim drive and SD-R5002 desktop drive support two of the hottest trends driving the convergence of consumer electronics and computing — video and audio recording/editing. The combination drives are also a great stepping stone for users to dabble between CD and DVD media — all while providing the safety net of CD read and write technology.

    Both DVD-R and DVD-RW formats are sanctioned by the DVD Forum. In addition, they are compatible with most legacy DVD players, while other formats may have compatibility issues with existing players. DVD-R/RW media is affordably priced at $5 and $10/disc respectively.

    “DVD is expected to replace audio CD, videotape, laser disc and CD-ROM/RW technology, becoming the de facto standard for home entertainment and lifestyle computing,” Brzeksi said. “Toshiba’s new combination drives provide customers with a sound investment to make an effortless transition from CD to DVD technology.”


    Toshiba’s new combination drives are available to PC manufacturers now. In addition, the desktop combination drive upgrade kit is available through distribution or on for $349. For additional information, please visit

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