Sonic Ships ReelDVD 3.0.1

Reprinted from a Sonic Solutions press release:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (September 16, 2002) Sonic Solutions [NASDAQ: SNIC], the world leader in DVD creation systems, announced today that it has begun shipments of ReelDVD Version 3.0.1. Designed for the booming authoring community focused on corporate, in-house, multimedia, event videography, and independent productions, Sonic ReelDVD Version 3.0.1 extends the limits of entry-level professional DVD creation by providing full-stream support for audio and expanded subtitles integrated with the Hollywood-standard Sonic Scenarist DVD engine.

“We originally chose Sonic ReelDVD for its ease of use, professional features, and reputation for creating highly-compatible DVDs ,” said Chip Eberhart, Owner of High Level Productions in Chicago, Illinois. “Now, ReelDVD 3.0.1 provides us even more flexibility to reach a wider audience and expand our business.”

Sonic ReelDVD provides many advantages for the entry-level professional DVD author. Based on the same technology used in Sonic Scenarist, the DVD creation standard of Hollywood DVD production studios, ReelDVD delivers the maximum level of DVD player compatibility that has become the foundation of the commercial DVD release industry. Sonic ReelDVD offers an intuitive user experience designed to provide creative professionals, corporate in-house video and independent videographers with a powerful pallet of essential tools to make compelling DVDs. ReelDVD Version 3.0.1 also features output to the latest selection of DVD-Recordable devices including DVDR/RW and DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, CDR/RW, and DLT. And ReelDVD provides a powerful migration path permitting video facilities to move easily to the more sophisticated Sonic Scenarist as their needs increase, or to move projects started in ReelDVD to Scenarist for polishing and finishing.

“Fueled by the explosion in low-cost DVD recordable units, DVD production is becoming the de facto standard for business communication and independent video releases,” said Matt Palmer, Senior Product Manager for Sonics Professional Products Group. “ReelDVD Version 3.0.1 represents our continued commitment to refining the DVD creation experience for our user.”

About Sonic ReelDVD

Sonic ReelDVD is designed for independent, event-based, and corporate DVD projects and enables easy authoring of exciting DVD content any professional production. Built upon the most player-compatible formatting technology available – Sonic Scenarist, Hollywoods standard authoring system for commercial title production – ReelDVD combines the strength of a professional-level application with a friendly user interface and simple workflow, making the process of creating professional-quality DVDs quick and easy. ReelDVD Version 3.0.1 includes:

  • Storyboard editor – Provides a complete overview of each element in the DVD-Video project
  • Timeline view – Enables easy trimming of video, adding of chapter points, audio and subtitle tracks
  • Multiple audio and subtitle streams – Gives DVDs international appeal with nine video angles, eight audio streams and 32 subtitle streams
  • Integrated project preview – Allows projects to be proofed directly from the hard drive, before writing to DVD
  • Subtitle editor – Makes it quick and easy to add subtitles on-the-fly
  • Slideshows – Turns a collection of stills into an interactive slideshow with or without audio
  • Broad range of device support – Enables titles to be recorded to DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW and DLT tapes
  • Dolby-certified Dolby Digital audio encoding
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