Maxtor Breaks Industry Record – Ships 80 GB Per Platter Drives

Reprinted from a Maxtor press release:

Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) , a worldwide leader in hard disk drives and data storage solutions, today announced it is shipping the industry’s highest density hard disk drives, its latest additions to its DiamondMax(R) 5400 RPM and DiamondMax Plus 7200 RPM families of desktop drives. Both feature industry-leading 80 GB per platter areal densities. The DiamondMax 16 and the DiamondMax Plus 9 are designed for capacities from 60 GB to 160 GB.

Both drives are currently shipping with the UltraATA/133 interface and will be available with Serial ATA (SATA) interfaces, for even higher performance with data transfer rates up to 150 MB per second. Built on the same platforms as the DiamondMax Plus 9 and the DiamondMax 16, Maxtor also is currently shipping the parallel ATA DiamondMax Plus 8, the company’s first single head, single disk performance 7200 RPM drive, and the Fireball(TM) 3, a single head, single disk 5400 RPM drive. Both drives will be available at 20, 30 and 40 GB capacities.

Currently shipping in volume to OEMs, distributors and channel partners, the latest DiamondMax, DiamondMax Plus and Fireball drives are engineered to achieve the best capacity, performance, reliability and value. They are ideal for a wide-variety of applications including personal and commercial video recorders, external storage devices, and traditional PC and Macintosh environments.

“As a premier hard drive manufacturer with more than 44 million ATA drives shipped in 2001, Maxtor offers one of the broadest lines of hard drive solutions in the industry,” said Mike Dooley, senior director of marketing for the Desktop Products Group at Maxtor. “With the introduction of these new drives, the company continues its tradition of time-to-volume and technology leadership. We continue to focus on diversifying our ATA solutions into the emerging enterprise and consumer electronics space, maintaining strong channel and OEM partnerships, expanding our global presence, and building customer satisfaction.”

Maxtor’s award winning* DiamondMax family of high-capacity hard drives and Maxtor’s DiamondMax Plus performance drives consistently meet consumer, commercial, and enterprise customers’ requirements to store large amounts of information economically. Customer acceptance of Maxtor’s previous-generation products is validated by its sales success, enterprise-class qualifications and shipments to leading companies.

The Maxtor DiamondMax 16 and DiamondMax Plus 9

Poised to continue this tradition, the DiamondMax 16 offers great value, highest gigabyte areal density, solid performance and industry-leading reliability. It is designed to offer 60, 80, 120, and 160 GB capacities.

Maxtor’s latest 7200 RPM DiamondMax Plus 9, continues Maxtor’s tradition of performance leadership with a 2 MB or optional 8 MB buffer. Engineered for blistering fast performance in capacities including 60 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB. It is the latest solution to the growing demand for performance drives as desktop users transition from 5400 to 7200 RPM.

Both new drives feature the Maxtor Fast Drive(TM) UltraATA/133 interface for data transfer speeds up to 133 MB per second and Maxtor’s Quiet Drive(TM) technology for superior acoustics. The DiamondMax 16 and the DiamondMax Plus 9 also deliver superior reliability and data protection with Maxtor’s Shock Protection System(TM) and Data Protection System(TM). These two industry-leading technologies give users enhanced protection against both operating and non-operating shock, and verify essential hard drive functions to help protect user data and eliminate potential drive returns.

Next-Generation Interface – Serial ATA

At 150 MB per second maximum data transfer rate, serial ATA improves hard drive performance to keep pace with the rapidly increasing performance requirements of data intensive environments such as audio/video, consumer electronics, and high performance PC workstations, and entry-level servers. With a point-to-point connection architecture, and a rich command set for managing hard drive activity and data flow along the interface, serial ATA advances the performance and efficiency of the drive to system interface. The interface features a compact cable structure that allows better airflow within a system and benefits the user with increased design flexibility and hot plug capability.


Parallel ATA versions of the Maxtor DiamondMax 16 and DiamondMax Plus 9 are currently shipping in volume. Volume shipments of the DiamondMax 16 and DiamondMax 9 with serial ATA are scheduled to begin in December 2002.

Maxtor also announced today the third generation of its extremely successful single-head 5400 RPM ATA drive, the Maxtor Fireball 3. This product has been specifically designed to support the needs of entry-level users up to 40 GB capacities.

Maxtor also continues its performance leadership with the introduction of the innovative DiamondMax Plus 8, the company’s first single head, single disk performance 7200 RPM drive. It is ideal for the mainstream business desktop and entry capacity performance user. The Fireball 3 and DiamondMax Plus 8 drives have also been shipping to distribution and retail channels.

Effective October 1, 2002, all Maxtor desktop drives will carry a one-year standard warranty.

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