Dazzle Announces Availability of Real-Time Video Producer

Reprinted from a Dazzle press release:

SCM Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCMM; Neuer Markt: SMY), a leading provider of solutions that open the Digital World, today announced the ultimate solution for video professionals demanding true real-time performance and quality, Dazzle Real-Time Video Producer.

Real-Time Video Producer is the first product from the new Dazzle Professional Series. This revolutionary video editing solution delivers real-time performance through an innovative software architecture, which enables it to offer unmatched scalability, flexibility, portability and ease of use for professional videographers.

Hardware-based real-time editing products require video cards or other devices to be installed into the PC, and their rigid architecture limits their ability to adapt to a user’s evolving needs. By contrast, Real-Time Video Producer requires no complicated hardware installation, and is flexible in allowing additional features to be added over time. Because it is software based, Real-Time Video Producer is just as powerful when used on a laptop for on-location editing as when used on a desktop in the studio. The solution also delivers performance that is scalable with the speed of the CPU, enabling it to leverage not just today’s computers, but also the powerful new systems being introduced over the next few years.

“Dazzle’s software-based approach delivers the real-time productivity that videographers demand while literally outperforming hardware,” said Dirk Peters, director of marketing for SCM Microsystems’ Digital Media and Video division. “Through its scalable and extensible architecture, Real-Time Video Producer defines a new standard within the industry for real-time, multi-stream video editing.”

Real-Time Video Producer’s software architecture overcomes the limitations of hardware solutions that support only two video channels. For example, when used on a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 computer system, at least three video streams, three color correction filters, transitions, picture-in-picture with motion, and title overlays can be played simultaneously, and viewed instantly.

Underlying Technology

Real-Time Video Producer features Dazzle’s scalable Native Video Pipeline Technology and leverages the industry’s most popular professional editing software, Adobe Premiere 6.5. Native Video Pipeline technology allows Adobe Premiere to work with multiple channels of broadcast-resolution video in real time and with perfectly preserved color. This is achieved because Native Video Pipeline’s playback and effects engines are designed from the ground up to process video in its native YUV format rather than converting the video to the PC’s standard RGB format.

Real-Time Video Producer’s DV Analog I/O breakout box connects to the PC via a 1394 port. In real time it captures either native DV, or analog video at full resolution in 4:2:2 YUV format. Its full-resolution output enables productions to be viewed on a TV monitor or recorded to a VCR in real time.

Pricing, Availability

Dazzle Real-Time Video Producer includes the DV Analog I/O breakout box, and comes complete with Adobe Premiere 6.5, the award-winning Dazzle DVD Complete Deluxe DVD authoring software and Boris FX integrated effects and composition application. Real-Time Video Producer will be available in October at the suggested retail price of $599.

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