Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Amsterdam, Netherlands – IBC (September 13, 2002) – Building on the strength of its highly acclaimed DVStorm(tm) realtime, nonlinear editing solution, Canopus Corporation today announced DVStorm2. New features include a host of additional realtime 3D transitions and effects, expanded color correction capabilities, improved capture features and powerful MPEG encoding and editing tools. By combining Canopus proprietary technologies, such as the Canopus DV codec, DVStorm2 delivers breakthrough realtime performance and multi-track editing in a professional, stable environment.

DVStorm2 is being offered at the same cost-effective price as its predecessor, yet takes realtime editing even further by including expanded features to deliver 28 realtime 2D/3D transitions and effects, including the new 3D Picture-in-Picture transition, and 15 Xplode 3D transitions. New video filters, such as white balance and black balance, bring additional color correction capabilities to DVStorm2. Video capture with the DVStorm2 is a breeze with single-pass scan and capture. DVStorm2 also allows for simultaneous capture from multiple DV inputs (additional OHCI card required).

Since MPEG capabilities are vital to today’s video editor, DVStorm2 includes StormEncoder, Canopus’s realtime MPEG hardware-encoding module, as well as the company’s family of MPEG tools. StormEncoder lets DVStorm2 users encode MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files in realtime directly from DV and analog sources using Canopus’s MediaCruise control software, which features an easy-to-use GUI for effortless capture and encoding. Canopus is including MpegCutter, a handy MPEG editing tool for basic editing tasks, MpegExplorer for advanced desktop search and preview of MPEG files, and MpegRe-encoder for high-speed conversions of high-bitrate MPEG files to lower-bitrate files when needed. Also included is the award-winning Ulead DVD Workshop SE, which brings a rich palette of authoring tools to DVStorm2 users.

StormEncoder, which utilizes the MN85560 MPEG encoder chip from Panasonic in conjunction with Canopus’s MPEG audio encoding technology, delivers the high-quality video and audio output required for DVD authoring and video streaming. StormEncoder encodes footage in realtime – and near-realtime speeds when encoding from Adobe Premiere – using Main Profile at Main Level MPEG-2 (Canopus’s MP@ML). Encoding in MP@ML provides the highest quality at the lowest bandwidth. With variable and constant bitrate options (from 1-15Mbps), users can adjust the bandwidth depending on the complexity of the video. On the audio front, StormEncoder supports PCM and MPEG Layer II formats up to 48kHz at 16 bits.

“We’ve worked hard to put together an editing solution that provides exactly what our users have asked for – a stable system that provides the tools to help them create stunning productions quickly, while retaining the highest-quality video possible,” said Hiro Yamada, chairman of Canopus Corporation. “With DVStorm2, we will continue to be untouched by the competition.”

Price and Availability
DVStorm2 will be available in October 2002 from Canopus and its authorized dealers and system integrators. Priced at $1088 (MSRP), DVStorm2 includes StormEdit realtime editing software, Xplode for DVStorm 3D transitions software, StormEncoder for MPEG encoding, editing and streaming output capabilities, Sonic Foundry’s ACID Style audio software for a quick and easy way to produce custom music, and Ulead DVD Workshop SE authoring software. Canopus also offers a DVStorm2 Plus version priced at $1299 (MSRP) that also includes Adobe Premiere 6.5 and a StormBay breakout box.

Upgrade Program
Due to Canopus’s Scalable Technology, DVStorm2’s new capabilities can be added to the original DVStorm through a simple software update and the addition of a StormEncoder module. Canopus customers who purchase DVStorm after September 13, 2002 can upgrade to DVStorm2 free. Customers who purchased DVStorm from August 15 to September 13, 2002 can update the software free and purchase StormEncoder for a special low price. Customers who purchased DVStorm before August 15, 2002 can purchase both the software update and StormEncoder packaged, or individually. For additional upgrade details visit the Canopus Web site at

Canopus Scalable Technology
Unlike other realtime editing systems, DVStorm2 is capable of simultaneously processing five streams of video in realtime on a Pentium 4 2GHz+ or Athlon 2000+ system using a SCSI disk array. The DVStorm2 can perform potentially unlimited numbers of simultaneous realtime video filters, titles and graphics layer combinations, depending on CPU-processing power. This power and expandability is made possible with Canopus’s proprietary Scalable Technology. Pioneered by Canopus in 1998, Scalable Technology ensures that DVStorm2’s realtime editing capabilities expand as CPU power increases. This scalability extends the life of DVStorm2 and ensures that users will get a greater return on their investment.

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