SmartSound Quicktracks to be Bundled with Adobe Premiere 6.5

Reprinted from a Sonic Desktop press release:

NORTHRIDGE, Calf. July 22, 2002 Sonic Desktop Software, the leader in soundtrack creation technology, today announced a new upgrade to its SmartSound Quicktracks software, bundled with the latest edition of Adobe Premiere video editing software. A specially-designed plug-in offering custom length royalty-free soundtracks, SmartSound Quicktracks is included with Adobe Premiere 6.5 and will offer new, cutting edge music for producing broadcast-quality videos.

SmartSound’s focus on the soundtrack creation process enables video editors to author music and audio for their projects quickly and efficiently. SmartSound’s intuitive user interface helps users locate appropriate musical selections and creates various custom arrangements to fit the desired length. By navigating five simple screens, the user can select a type of music, mood, length and arrangement to fit their visual images. SmartSound then generates up to 10 soundtrack variations based on those choices.

“SmartSound Quicktracks is an invaluable tool for video editors looking to enhance the audio component of their digital video productions,” said David Trescot, director of Dynamic Media for Adobe. “Quicktracks allows video editors to dramatically improve productivity by reducing the time spent searching for and editing music for their projects. Its ability to create seamless loops for interactive menus is a perfect complement to Adobe Premiere’s new DVD authoring capabilities.”

“SmartSound has long been the leading choice of Adobe Premiere users for soundtrack creation,” said Sonic Desktop CEO Kevin Klingler. “With this latest Quicktracks release, we’ve given Adobe Premiere users plenty of new, cutting-edge music to keep their videos sounding fresh and current.”

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