Reprinted from a Laird Telemedia press release:

(Mount Marion, NY) August 23, 2002 — Laird Telemedia Laird Telemedia today announced that it will launch two new DVora/Canopus turnkey systems for non-linear editing applications at the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) Expo, August 27-28 in Las Vegas. Laird’s newest DVora NLE systems are loaded and configured with the award-winning Canopus DVStormSE+ video editing card to provide stable, reliable, and affordable editing solutions for freelance and professional videographers.

Our new DVora/Canopus systems offer the event videographer, prosumer, or hobbyist a complete, affordable, real-time digital video editing system optimized for use with the popular Adobe Premiere editing tool, said Laird Vice President Vin Bruno. At Laird we have developed a series of solutions for the professional broadcast market, and with these Canopus-based DVora systems, we provide a high-quality, easy-to-use editing tool for the mid-level market.

Laird’s line of DVora PC-based computers has been designed specifically for digital video applications. Unlike computers that have been modified to run DV, the DVora has specific direct-to-digital features that offer higher picture quality and more efficient processing of images and audio. Laird’s new DVC1SE-SE+ and DVC2SE-SE+ DVora systems incorporate the DVStormSE+ editing card, which is known for its extensive, high-performance feature set, as well as for its real-time power, stability, and superior production speed.

The DVC1SE-SE+ features the familiar Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system and includes an Intel Pentium IV 1.9-GHz processor, an Abit TH7-RAID Intel 850 chipset motherboard, and a 512-MB Rambus PC-800. The DVC2SE-SE+ also operates on Windows XP and includes dual AMD Athlon XP 2000+ MP processors (2 GHz), a Tyan S2466N dual-Athlon motherboard, and 512-MB DDR PC-2700 ECC registered RAM. Both systems include a Seagate 40-GB, 7200 RPM system hard drive; a Seagate 80-GB, 7200 RPM media storage drive; Quadro 4 dual-head graphics (64 MB VRAM) 550 XGL; an Intel 10/100 Nic network card 82559ER; a 36x12x48x CD-RW drive; a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 sound card; and a Canopus DVStorm capture card and Storm capture bay.

Among Laird’s endless configuration upgrades for storage, RAM, processing speed, monitors, and other components is the addition of a Pioneer AO4 DVD-R burner, which gives users the capability to perform DVD authoring.

The Canopus DVStormSE+ system joins Laird’s full line of broadcast-DV DVora PCs for Avid, including the Mid-Tower Intel Pentium IV 1.9-GHz System, Full-Tower Dual Intel Pentium IV 1.8-GHz Xeon System, Rackmount Dual Intel Pentium IV 1.8-GHz Xeon System, and Laptop on Mobile Intel Pentium IV 2.0-GHz System. Laird Telemedia products, including the new Canopus DVStormSE+ systems, are available from a worldwide network of professional distributors.

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