Reprinted from an iVAST press release:

SANTA CLARA, CA – August 1, 2002 – iVAST, a leading worldwide provider of MPEG-4 software, today announced the global availability of iVAST MPEG-4 Platform Version 2.0. The highly advanced platform offers the latest developments in MPEG-4 software technology. It is based on the ISO’s international open standard with tools for the creation, distribution and viewing of high-quality digital audio and video with compelling interactive capabilities. Unlike other MPEG-4 solutions focused on low-resolution video on PCs, iVAST’s MPEG-4 Platform delivers television quality, interactive media that extends playback on PCs as well as electronic devices such as set-top boxes, PVRs and enhanced DVD players.

“MPEG-4 is the next evolutionary wave in digital entertainment,” said Myra Moore, Senior Analyst at Digital Tech Consulting. “Innovative MPEG-4 tools and applications will afford all forms of digital video more efficient compression along with better interactivity and customization. This will open the door for new revenue opportunities from DVD to HDTV, digital satellite to PVRs.”

The iVAST MPEG-4 Platform 2.0 includes 7 new iVAST software products, and improvements to 4 existing products that provide robust interactive digital media solutions for broadband Internet, broadcast, cable television, enterprise streaming, distance learning, and packaged media. iVAST software is highly scalable and enables cost-effective integration and deployment with existing content delivery and legacy systems. Furthermore, the iVAST MPEG-4 Platform 2.0 meets the specifications set forth by the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA’s 1.0 Implementation Specifications), as well as other industry standards such as XML and J2EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition) which provides a high degree of control through interoperability and a standards-based interface.

This comprehensive suite of tools includes:

Creation tools:
– iVAST Studio Encode 2.0: a professional tool for compressing and encoding audio and video media into MPEG-4 standard files.
– iVAST Studio Author 2.0: a visual environment for creating interactive MPEG-4 content with extensive control over audio, video, graphics, animation and interactivity.
– iVAST Studio Plug-in 2.0 for Adobe Premiere: provides video editors with MPEG-4 audio, video and file export through standard Premiere interfaces.
– iVAST Studio Tools 2.0: a powerful set of command line MPEG-4 authoring tools that enable professional content production studios to automate and extend their media encoding and authoring processes.
– iVAST Studio Encode and Author SDK 2.0: the Software Development Kit allows production studios, enterprises, authoring and encoding developers to integrate MPEG-4 technology directly into their products.

Delivery solutions:
– iVAST Media Server 2.0: a high-performance media delivery application for MPEG-4 audio, video and interactive rich media.
– iVAST Systemware 2.0: a suite of system utilities for remote management of multiple servers, users, and content combined with the integration into mission-critical, back-office systems.

Playback solutions:
– iVAST Experience Player 2.0 — For Win32: a versatile, rich media player that brings the full power of object-oriented media to PCs.
– iVAST Experience Player 2.0 — Enterprise Edition: tools to enable service providers to deliver a customized, branded player with a flexible user interface.
– iVAST Experience Player 2.0 — Hardware Porting Kit: ports the iVAST MPEG-4 audio/video decoders as well as the powerful, interactive MPEG-4 player controls and systems capabilities to a wide variety of hardware devices.
– iVAST Audio/Video Decoder 2.0 — Embedded Porting Kit: ports the iVAST audio/video decoders to consumer electronic or other hardware devices.

“With the introduction of this powerful suite of MPEG-4 tools we are entering a new era in the creation, delivery and end user experience of digital media,” said Elliot Broadwin, CEO of iVAST. “iVAST’s MPEG-4 technology advances the way we communicate — opening up new possibilities for personalization and the commercialization of media.”

Among others, iVAST customers using the iVAST MPEG-4 Platform 2.0 include Philips Semiconductors, Panasonic, ClearStar Networks, I-Basic, and Cloud Systems. The iVAST MPEG-4 Platform 2.0 is generally available directly through iVAST or through its authorized resellers and distributors.

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