Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100

Reprinted from an SCM Microsystems press release:

Fremont, Calif. August 28, 2002 – SCM Microsystems, Inc., a leading provider of solutions that open the Digital
World, today announced the ultimate solution for creating Hollywood-style
movies from home videos, the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100 (DVC100).

The Dazzle DVC 100 is the perfect all around solution for video editing.
In the past, users had to separately buy video capture hardware, video
editing software, CD burning software, DVD authoring software and
Webcasting software and hope it all worked together when installed on the
same computer. With the DVC 100, everything is supplied in one powerful,
integrated, easy to install package that gives consumers everything they
need to work with digital video.

The DVC 100 captures video from any camcorder, TV or VCR and converts it
in real-time to DVD quality MPEG-2 video. This compresses the video to
1/4th its original size saving valuable hard disk space, while maintaining
DVD quality video. The DVC 100 comes with 3 powerful software
applications: Dazzle MovieStar 5 for video editing, Dazzle DVD Complete to
design and burn interactive DVDs and Dazzle OnDVD to make photo slideshows
for DVD players. Users can take their edited video and output to a VCR
tape, burn a Video CD, make a DVD or even stream the video across the
Internet via the Dazzle Webcast Theater.

“The DVC 100 is a breakthrough product because it gives users everything
they need to create multiple types of videos in one affordable solution,”
said Dirk Peters, Director of Marketing for SCM Microsystems’ Digital
Media and Video division. “The DVC 100 captures great quality video and
also has all the software tools to make videotapes, Video CDs, DVDs and
stream video across the Internet — nothing is left out in the DVC 100.”

Key features of the DVC 100 include:
Easy one cable USB connection to the PC
Real-time MPEG-2 video capture
Output to Videotape, Video CD, S-Video CD, DVD and the Internet
Dazzle MovieStar 5 video editing software to capture video, cut out
unwanted scenes, add titles, 3D transitions, background audio, voice over
narrations and special effects.
Dazzle DVD Complete software for designing and burning interactive
Dazzle OnDVD software to create photo slideshows to play back on a DVD

Pricing, Availability
Dazzle supports Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME and XP operating systems. The
Dazzle Digital Video Creator 100 (DVC 100) is priced at $169.99 (MSRP) and
is available now.

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