Reprinted from a Pinnacle press release:

MOUNTAIN, VIEW, Calif., July 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Pinnacle Systems, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Pinnacle Liquid Silver Version 4, the company’s flagship editing system for postproduction with MPEG2 and uncompressed video. The Version 4 software delivers numerous new creative tools and distribution solutions, including many delivered through integration of leading Pinnacle software applications such as TitleDeko, Commotion and Impression.

Pinnacle Systems General Manager Reiner Bielmeier said, “We began with two major development goals in mind for Pinnacle Liquid Silver: maximize editing productivity and expand networking support to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Pinnacle Liquid’s modular design, coupled with powerful software products such as Commotion, TitleDeko and Impression, have enabled us to make Liquid Silver a uniquely complete postproduction solution. The new Liquid Silver enables you to work faster and more creatively, and then delivers your project to any media your clients want; a remarkable achievement for a system that costs thousands less than the supposed competition.”


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For a complete rundown of new features, please visit Key new features of Pinnacle Liquid Silver Version 4 include:

— New media management features for full networked editing support.

— Powerful new speed change capabilities with the dynamic timewarp

— New capture to timeline capability for increased productivity.

— A highly advanced CX color corrector option. CX includes primary color
correction with RGB and luminance values separately controlled for
Gain, Gamma and Blacklevel as well as secondary or selective color
correction where color areas can be defined with a Color Picker or
color vectors and manipulated at will. All work can be monitored using
a selection of full frame manipulable vectorscopes.

— The award-winning Commotion paint and compositing application is
included as standard. Xsend to Commotion enables editors to move
projects between applications with just one step.

— The industry-leading character generator software, TitleDeko Pro, is
included as standard.

— Full DVD authoring capabilities are offered by direct MPEG-2 IBP
capture, integrated DVD image creation and burning from within the
application, and inclusion of Pinnacle Impression for authoring
advanced titles, chapter points and interactivity.

Pinnacle also announced the immediate availability of Pinnacle Liquid Silver turnkey systems based on high-performance Compaq EVO W8000 workstations. These professional-class systems deliver Pinnacle Liquid Silver in a flexible chassis that can be used in desktop or rack-mounted configurations. These workstations are also available for Pinnacle Liquid Blue, enabling W8000-based Liquid Silver systems to be upgraded to Liquid Blue.

Pinnacle Liquid Silver version 4 and Compaq-based Pinnacle Liquid Silver systems are available immediately from Pinnacle Systems dealers worldwide.

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