MedioStream’s neoDVDstandard Version 4.0 to be Bundled with OEM Drives

Reprinted from a MedioStream press release:

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 18 /PRNewswire/ — MedioStream, a leading provider of PC-based software for recording video to DVDs and CDs, today announced the release of neoDVDstandard 4.0 for bundling with original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This latest version of neoDVDstandard provides enhanced ease of use, with the introduction of the NEO TaskBar, while offering the first industry-standard Video Recording (VR) support for DVD+RW drives, which allows users to update finished DVDs directly on DVD+RW discs created on the PC using a +RW DVD burner or recorded from a +RW digital video recorder (DVR).

Designed specifically for consumers, neoDVDstandard provides a simple and straightforward way to create DVDs or VCDs. While previous versions offer one interface to access all the functions, in neoDVDstandard 4.0, users will be able to access each function (capture video, create/edit video, and copy video) via the distinctive NEO TaskBar, which rests on the desktop once the application is launched. With this unique approach, the first in PC-based DVD authoring software, users are assured that they access the specific module for a particular task, and all the options specific to the task are presented on one easy-to-understand interface, thereby allowing them to complete the task as quickly and easily as possible.

“We work closely with our OEM partners to deliver features that their customers want without compromising ease of use,” says Gordon Doran, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MedioStream. “To that end, we feel that using one interface to be all things to all people will ultimately create more confusion for the end-user, especially as more features and functionalities are introduced. We already offer the fastest PC software to create DVDs, and now with the NEO TaskBar, we’re living up to our commitment and setting a new standard for ease of use.”

In addition to all the functionalities of neoDVDstandard 3.0, neoDVDstandard 4.0 includes MedioStream’s industry standard Video Recording (VR) support for DVD+RW drives, which allows users to create a DVD, add or delete clips and re-burn the video onto the same disc, without having to recreate or burn another disc. Consumers can now utilize MedioStream’s VR support to turn their DVD+RW burner into a VCR with editing features.

“It doesn’t really benefit the consumers or the OEMs if all users can do is edit the DVD disc on the PC and nowhere else. Because we developed our +RW VR feature according to industry specifications, we can provide greater interoperability with consumer electronics devices,” Doran adds. “With neoDVD, they can easily burn their own DVDs on their PC, add video clips from TV or other devices using +RW DVD set-top recorders, and show the finished disc on the PC or TV. Greater interoperability means more cross-sell opportunities for our OEMs.”

MedioStream’s neoDVDstandard is currently bundled with Ricoh’s MP5125A DVD+RW/+R internal drives in Europe and Japan, as well as Sony’s latest generation of DVD+RW drive sold worldwide (DRU-120A ATAPI internal model and DRX-120L i.LINK external burners). The VR support feature will join MedioStream’s “Direct-to-Disc Recording” and “Smart Buffering” as standard features in neoDVD. neoDVDstandard 4.0 (MSRP $29.99 for ESD and $39.99 for CD) will be commercially available in August

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