Konica Photo Imaging and YesVideo Service Converts Home Videos Onto CD/DVD

Reprinted from a Konica press release:

MAHWAH, N.J., July 22 /PRNewswire/ — Konica Photo Imaging of Mahwah, N.J., and YesVideo of San Jose, Calif., have teamed up to offer a new service to help more camcorder users easily and affordably share and preserve the 400 million-plus home videos piled up around their homes. The convenient new service will transfer home videos onto CD and DVD, making those precious memories easier to view and share, and safe from deterioration.

According to Robert Striano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Konica, “With the technological expertise, capabilities and innovation from YesVideo, we can now offer this new, innovative digital imaging service to our customers.”

Konica said that videotape can begin to deteriorate in as little as ten years. “Don’t let your treasured memories disappear,” said Striano. “Preserve them for generations to come by taking them to your participating Konica retailer and converting them to DVD or CD.”

Konica said that if you want the highest possible quality, and the convenience of watching your home movies on TV, then convert them to DVD. However, if you are interested in editing and sharing your video, CD gives you the power to customize your scenes, take still-frame snapshots and share your video over the Internet.

“We are excited to partner with Konica to help the 43 million camcorder owners in the U.S. share and preserve their videos,” said Sai-Wai Fu, founder and CEO of YesVideo. “Now Konica can provide a service to its retailers to deliver digital imaging from videotape.”

YesVideo makes it simple to transfer personal home videos onto high quality DVDs and CDs, preserving them forever and enabling easy viewing via a home DVD player and television, or personal computer. YesVideo indexes up to 54 thumbnail images taken from the home video so customers can skip directly to the scene they want to view — without holding down a fast-forward button. The DVD or CD arrives in customized packaging and the cover features a visual index of the video, making it easy to select which scene to watch. As an added special feature, YesVideo analyzes the video for the best scenes and sets the automatically edited video to music to create a music video, much like a Hollywood movie DVD.

The suggested retail price for the YesVideo service is $34.99 for transferring a video up to two hours in length.

Alternatives to YesVideo include finding a local professional duplicating facility (which would charge up to $150 per hour) or going to the difficulty and expense of buying, installing and learning transfer and editing hardware and software at home. YesVideo’s service is an affordable way to eliminate the hassle.

As easy as dropping off your camera film to be developed, shoppers can find the Konica/YesVideo service at participating retailers such as Brooks Pharmacy, Kinney Drugs, Genuardi’s supermarkets, Giant Eagle supermarkets, Pathmark supermarkets and Weis Markets. The DVD or CD can be picked up two weeks later from the location where the video was dropped off.

Tape formats that are accepted include VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm videotape, Hi-8, Digital 8, Betamax, Mini DV and DVcam.

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