Reprinted from an InterVideo press release:

FREMONT, Calif., July 10 /PRNewswire/ — InterVideo, Inc. today introduced WinDVD Creator, it’s easy-to-use DVD and VCD creation software that offers a storyboard approach to making movies that can play in consumer DVD players.

WinDVD Creator is designed to be the easiest way to make your own DVDs and VCDs, even to the point of offering direct recording capabilities to make DVD creation simple for those who do not want to edit their video content. Using WinDVD Creator’s direct recording functions users can plug a DV camera in the FireWire (1394, iLink) port of their PC and burn a DVD directly from the DV tape — no editing involved. Likewise, WinDVD Creator enables users to burn a DVD disk directly from a TV, with the proper hardware set-up. The software is compatible with a variety of formats and standards for maximum compatibility including support for all recordable DVD formats, like the popular DVD+RW format, and support for the emerging VR format.


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“WinDVD Creator builds on InterVideo’s DVD expertise gained by developing WinDVD, the world’s most popular DVD player, and takes it a step farther,” said Steve Ro, CEO and co-founder of InterVideo. “With WinDVD Creator, consumers can use a PC to easily create and burn their own DVDs that they can play in their living room DVD player.”

InterVideo’s WinDVD Creator is a storyboard-based video-editing product that is designed to turn raw video footage into professional-looking DVDs in the easiest possible way. WinDVD Creator walks users through 4 separate movie-making steps: “Capture,” “Edit,” “Author” and “Output” to complete personal DVD and VCD movies.

* “Capture” guides a user through the steps involved with bringing
video, pictures and music into a movie.
* “Edit” lets users edit and arrange video and add transitions, effects
and titles.
* “Author” walks a user through the DVD/VCD creation process using
templates for themes, previews, menus and chapters.
* “Output” offers users a variety of options for saving their finished
movie: saving it as a file, sending it back to tape, or burning it to
disk as a VCD or DVD.

InterVideo’s WinDVD Creator utilizes a storyboard format, which offers pictures and thumbnails of all the different components (camera, clips, transitions, etc.) of the movie-making process so even a novice user can quickly and intuitively identify the different functions that go into a making a movie and can manipulate them with drag-and-drop ease.

For example, if a user wants to capture a clip from his camera, he just clicks on the picture of the camera. Or, if you had video from your daughter’s birthday party and wanted to get the clip of her blowing out the candles, you simply look for the thumbnail of a girl and cake and drag it where you want it. WinDVD Creator is designed to let first-time movie editors easily create their own DVDs and VCDs.

Ease-of-use is the focus of InterVideo’s WinDVD Creator but the software also sports some advanced features designed to make it simple to create sophisticated DVD movies with minimal effort, including:

* DVD Video Support: Import DVD Video content
* Automatic scene detection: break up large video clips into set lengths
or use InterVideo’s scene detection technology to automatically break
video clips at stops in the recording and during scene changes
* Voice over: use a microphone to add voice over commentary to movies
* CD capabilities: take music from favorite CDs for personalized movie

The recommended system for WinDVD Creator is a 400Mhz Intel Celeron processor with 64Mb of RAM running Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. It also works best with a Windows-compatible sound card and speakers, and a Video card with 24-bit resolution capability and DirectX support. Also needed for installation is a CD-ROM drive and a 7200 RPM hard disk with 10 MB of hard disc space.

WinDVD Creator will be available at InterVideo’s site ( this summer. Pricing has not been set.

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