Reprinted from a Cool-Lux press release:

CAMARILLO, CA (June 27, 2002) Cool-Lux Lighting Industries, designers and manufacturers of professional lighting equipment for over 25 years is now shipping a gel and filter frame holder kit created exclusively for the popular SL3000 On-Camera Mini-Combo Soft Light/Broad Light.

The SL3501 kit consists of 4 flexible aluminum (approximately 3 L x 2 W) frames, coated on one side with high temperature self stick adhesive, which supports the application of the gel/diffusion material to the frame. The kit also contains one each (5 x 4) sheet of half blue and salmon gel as well as diffusion. Each sheet will yield two 3 x 2 pieces of gels/diffusion material.

Anyone wielding a video camera knows it is essential to be properly equipped for any lighting situation when on location. Gels can correct for a wide variety of lighting challenges. From fluorescent/daylight balance or to enhance darker or blotchy skin tones to just needing a little softer more diffused effect. The SL3501 kit has a gel/filter/combination to properly illuminate the situation.

The frame/holder will slide either directly into the receiving slots on the hood of the SL3000 or if the SL3000 is being used as a broad light without the hood, the frame can be held in place by the same screws that would have held the hood in place. The concept is simple and easy to apply, now so are gels and diffusion to the SL3000. The basic design of this product adds emphasis to Cool-Lux’s focus on lightweight and portable professional lighting equipment and accessories designed to save time and money.

The SL3501 is a great value at $29.00 list price and a necessity for anyone who owns an SL3000 Mini-Combo Light.

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