Ulead Expands its Line of Royalty-Free Sound & Video Products

Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

Torrance, CA – (June 12, 2002) – Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of image editing, video editing and Web graphics software, has expanded its collection of high-quality, royalty-free sound and video media products to include media for sports, wedding, and high impact productions. The four new Pick-a-Video Pro titles give commercial and freelance producers affordable, high-resolution digital video clips for enhancing sports and wedding videos. The two new Pick-a-Sound titles energize sports and high impact productions with exhilarating tunes, as well as athletic and movie-related sound effects.

New Pick-a-Video Pro titles 22 (CG Sports Arena) and 23 (CG Team Sports) offer an exciting collection of sports-related backgrounds and overlay footage perfect for intros and segues such as flying balls, international flags and ancient Roman themes. Pick-a-Video Pro titles 24 (CG Weddings) and 25 (CG Memories) create memorable productions with image sequence overlays of bells, hearts and classical film grain. Ulead’s new Pick-a-Sound 5 (Sports Sounds) offers sports-related sounds such as booing, cheering, and whistles, while Pick-a-Sound 6 (Power Productions) creates exciting tunes and movie-related sound effects.

“We’ve rolled out these new Pick-a-Video and Pick-a-Sound titles in the spirit of summer activities such as the World Cup, little league baseball games, and weddings,” said Danielle Liao, president of Ulead Systems. “These new titles not only give our customers more theme based media to jazz up their productions, but continue Ulead’s tradition of offering innovative, high quality and cost-effective royalty free products.”

About Pick-a-Video Pro
Ulead’s Pick-a-Video Pro collection on CD-ROM is a smart way to build a library of unique, high-resolution, royalty-free video footage for use in broadcast media and Web design. Each Pick-a-Video Pro title includes more than 200 seconds of video in 16-18 clips. The Pick-a-Video Pro collection titles 16 – 21 include “CG Money,” “CG Finance,” “Web Dynamics,” “Digital Globe,” “CG Festivities,” and “CG Seasons, and now four new titles (22 – 25) “CG Sports Arena,” “CG Team Sports,” “CG Weddings,” “CG Memories.”

The four new titles include 20 still backgrounds, 8 video backgrounds, 5 TGA image sequences with alpha channel and 5 ready-made compositions to inspire customized introductions and segues. The new Pick-a-Video Pro titles 22-25 include free 30-day trial versions of Ulead VideoStudio 6, Ulead’s awarding-winning consumer video editor, and Ulead MovieFactory, Ulead’s easy-to-use camcorder-to-DVD solution.

Every Pick-a-Video Pro title contains ready-made compositions, image overlay sequences with alpha channels, and video and still backgrounds. Each clip has a broadcast quality version in either DV Type-1, AVI for PC or Photo-JPEG MOV for Macintosh. QuickTime version is also available for Web pages and projects requiring smaller file sizes.

About Pick-a-Sound
Ulead’s Pick-a-Sound CD-ROM titles allow users to build a collection of music pieces for use in presentations and videos. Ulead offers six themed volumes of music, including “Holiday Resonance,” “Jazz Fusion,” “Nature’s Harmonies,” “Romance,” and its newest titles “Sports Sounds,” and “Power Productions.” All titles include original musical compositions, jingles and sound effects. Pick-a-Sound titles come in crystal-clear stereo with both WAV- and CDA- (CD-Audio) format tracks and can be used with either Windows or Macintosh computers.

Ulead’s newest titles include 20 full-length compositions, 25 jingles and 45 sound effects. Both titles include 30-day trials of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5, Ulead’s professional video-editing application.

Products and Availability
Ulead Pick-a-Video Pro 22-25 and Ulead Pick-a-Sound 5-6 are currently available online from rfm.ulead.com or direct at 800-85-ULEAD. Each collection is $59.95.

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