Sony’s New DVD-RW-Equipped VAIOs Include Simple DVD Maker

Reprinted from a Sony press release:

SAN DIEGO, June 3 /PRNewswire/ — Sony’s new summer line of VAIO desktop PCs offers a variety of configuration options for people who are ready to dive into the world of customized DVD recording. With the novice-friendly Simple DVD Maker software in all DVD-RW equipped VAIO desktop systems, end-users can expect to watch personal movies on their home DVD players in a few easy steps.

“Sony is drawing a straight line from the camcorder to the VAIO desktop PC,” said Mark Hanson, Sony Electronics’ vice president and general manager, VAIO PC marketing. “The software is so straightforward that not only can I burn DVDs, but so can anyone in my family.”

Sony is also reintroducing AMD processors into three of its new models, creating an excellent entry-level system for the first-time computer purchaser. Additionally, eight Intel powered systems round out the line-up, including Sony’s fastest VAIO desktop PC to date with an Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.40 GHz.

Watch, Record and Store TV

Sony’s high-end line of VAIO Digital Studio desktop PCs featuring DVD-RW (re-writable) drives are ideal for video editing and data transfer to blank DVDs. The PCV-RX780G and the PCV-RX790G models, expected to sell for about $2,100 and $2,500, respectively, both include Sony’s original Giga Pocket personal video recorder. Giga Pocket functionality, exclusive to these two models, allows users to watch television on their PC with the ability to watch live TV and to pause, rewind and store recorded shows to the hard drive for viewing at a later time. It also provides an easy way to capture video from analog camcorders for editing and DVD creation.

Rounding out the recordable DVD-featured models are the PCV-RX752 and the PCV-RX770, available for about $1,550 and $1,700, respectively. Each model in this series comes with user-friendly DVD recording and editing software that easily transfers video content from external sources including video cameras.

Blast Tunes with the VAIO PC

To address the needs of the digital music enthusiast, Sony is offering four VAIO Digital Studio models with high-speed CD-RW (re-writable) drives. By using the VAIO desktop PC as a centralized music library, users can create customized, personal music collections that can be burned to CDs and transferred to personal audio devices, such as Sony’s popular NetMD Walkman recorders. The supplied SonicStage for VAIO software makes it a simple task to manage music and create custom playlists.

Available with different options and memory configurations, the PCV-RX750 is expected to sell for about $1,150, the PCV-RX755 for around $1,250 and the PCV-RX760 for approximately $1,400. All of these models feature DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives, 60GB or 80GB hard drives and Intel Pentium 4 processors. The entry-level PCV-RX730 model offers an affordable option at about $850, and features a 40GB hard drive and an Intel Celeron processor.

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