Sony Marks the Spot With New X Series of Flat Panel Computer Displays

Reprinted from a Sony press release:

NEW YORK, (PC EXPO BOOTH #2622), June 24 /PRNewswire/ — Typically X marks the spot for buried treasure, but Sony put the gems on display with its new X series of feature-packed liquid-crystal displays, including a special discovery of the company’s first 20-inch SDM-X202 (20.1-inch viewable image size) flat panel computer display.

A first in the display industry, Sony also introduced the new Eco Mode for X series displays, which allows users to reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent by adjusting the screen’s brightness with the touch of a button.

With its futuristic design and exclusive X-shaped back cabinet, the new line of computer displays includes the 15-inch SDM-X52 (15.0-inch viewable image size), 17-inch SDM-X72 (17.0-inch viewable image size) and 18-inch SDM-X82 (18.1-inch viewable image size) displays. These new models round out the DELUXEPRO(TM) series of Sony’s premier displays. A few of the treasures found in all models include built-in stereo speakers, a bundled DVI-D cable for quick digital set-up, and the ultimate space savior — an internal power supply.

Desks Dressed to Impress

The displays’ efficient cable management system, internal power supply and built-in stereo speakers will clear up much-needed space on any desktop, or for those who prefer a zero footprint, the displays are also arm- or wall-mountable. All models, except the X202 display, are available in black or two-toned grey. The X202 model is available in black or silver.

Ergonomic Comfort Zone

Those who spend 40 or more hours a week in front of a computer display know how important it is to have a comfortable computer environment. Each X series display adjusts to several different positions according to the user’s needs. The displays can tilt up to 80 degrees (20 degrees on the X202) depending on preference and the X52, X72 and the X82 displays have up to 2 inches of height adjustment. In addition, the X82 and the X202 displays can swivel up to 45 degrees to help alleviate neck aches. This allows business professionals to examine data or spreadsheets, while sharing the screen with colleagues or customers.

Energy and Cost Savings

Typical liquid-crystal displays consume 60 to 80 percent less energy compared to similarly-sized standard cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors. All models in the X series include an Eco Mode function, enabling users to modify the brightness and reduce energy consumption with an easily accessible button on the front of the display.

According to Glasgow, all Sony liquid-crystal displays are flicker-free, which reduces eyestrain. Sony also uses color control technology to fine-tune every LCD panel in order to achieve accurate color reproduction for images and collateral.

Future-Proof Displays

For those who are preparing to go digital, but still want to keep their analog connection, all four of the X series models have both digital and analog inputs that can run both formats at the push of a button. With the digital connection and a DVI-D cable included in the box, there are no extra steps needed to maximize video performance. The displays also provide multiple platform support for users who want the ability to toggle between a Macintosh(R) computer and Microsoft(R) Windows(R)-based personal computer.

Pricing and Availability

The X52 and the X82 displays, available for about $550 and $1,100, respectively, will ship in June. The X72 model, expected to sell for about $900, will ship in August. The X202, available for about $2,000, will ship in September. More information and specifications are available at .

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