Reprinted from a Fruityloops press release:

Saint-Martens-Latem (Belgium), 15 May 2002 —

Fruityloops is a loop and song creation tool available on the Internet.
Started out as a Drum Loop Creator, it quickly moved on to a complete virtual studio. FruityLoops became a full-featured sequencer for creating wav, mp3 or midi/drum loops with internal mixing and advanced MIDI support.
With version 3.5, Fruityloops became available as a VSTi plugin, making it probably the most powerful VSTi plugin available for any VSTi Hosts (Cubase, Logic,…).


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Fruityloops can play any sample file (wav), generator (Fruityloops soft- synth), Buzz generator/effect or VST/DXi instrument you feed it.
We also can assure you that the stunning, photo realistic interface will push your creative forces to new heights.


1. Fruityloops as VSTi client

Besides running Fruityloops as a Virtual Studio, you can now run Fruityloops as a VSTi plugin in any VSTi host available (Cubase, Logic, Orion, …). This allows these VSTi host applications to use the incredible power of Fruityloops, such as :

Over 10 high-quality Synthesizers

Rich Sampler Capabilities (incl. more than 1300 samples)

Great Drum Loop Creator

High quality Filters and Effects

Support for Controllers & Automation

2. Integrated Speech Engine

The integrated Text-to-Speech Engine adds vocals to your Fruityloops projects. It is ideal for vocoder-like speech effects.
Any text gets transformed into a Speech preset that can be used in the Fruityloops Sampler, Granulizer, Scratcher or Slicer.

With over 20 different voice types, 4 speak styles and three speaking modes you have a great Text-2-Speech Synthesizer at your hands.

3. Multiple ASIO outputs support

Fruityloops now supports ASIO with multiple outs. You can direct the sound from each effect track to a separate ASIO output.

4. New advanced Quantizer & New Advanced Chopper.

Fruityloops includes an advanced quantizer with 4 different quantize modes, that uses standard score files as Groove templates. In addition you can easily create custom presets yourself.
The advanced note chopper can turn the simplest sequence into a trance melody using above score files.

5. DrumSynth Live Generator (add-on)

Based on Maxim Digital Audio’s DrumSynth engine, we proudly present you this live version. Comes with fully editable realistic 808/909 and other analog drum kits.
Will be available as a separate plugin for $19.

6. Batch Export of FX Tracks

Fruityloops now exports all used FX tracks as separate WAV files for further mixing in any third party application.

7. Step Recording

Now you can record your notes step-by-step. Define your step size and record your notes or chords one by one.

8. Copy & Paste of Automation Data

Now you can copy/paste automation data or save this information to file for future restoration or merging with other Fruity projects.

9. Other New Features

New Fruity Fast Distortion plugin

New Fruity Soft Clip plugin

Enhanced Envelopes

Improved Fruity Slicer (added fill gaps)

Improved sinc & hermite interpolation

Support for Channel Aftertouch through MIDI out plugin

Added recording countdown


As usual, this major update, including Fruityloops VSTi, is freely available for all existing customers of the FruityLoops on-line version. People owning the Fruityloops BOX version (distributed by Cakewalk) can order the Life Time Free Updates at $29 to access this and all future updates.

Fruityloops DrumSynth Live Generator is available for $19 as an add-on plugin

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