Reprinted from a Duravision press release:

NEW YORK (Jun. 20, 2002) — Duravision Corporation, image transmission device provider, proudly introduced duravision DV Pro/ProTV. These ultimate DV capturing devices incorporates marvelous DV capturing media for the growing camcorders and editing markets. Users can store sweet memories from video tapes to VCD/SVCD/mini-DVD/DVD for life long storage.

With the widest support in the industry for the latest technologies such as DV IEEE-1394 (iLink/Firewire), analog system, and MPEG recording, duravision DV Pro/ProTV can capture any video into MPEG file in real-time. Each duravision DV Pro/ProTV include sPowerVCR (TV recording software), PowerDirector Pro DE (Professional video editing, effects and authoring software), 3DBANK CG PAK SE (royalty-free CG library). With the Cyberlink PowerDirector Pro DE, users can enjoy high quality video on-screen and easy editing plus authoring tools. 3DBANK CG PAK is a specially designed CG library for digital video to match all CG types needed in video editing with supreme broadcast quality. It provides layer/alpha options and intelligent Keyword Search function, to let users quickly search and create a fascinating movie of Hollywood style.

Important Features:

Integrated cable-ready TV tuner, i.Link DV, Analog video hardware interface NEW


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Full TV frequency range for CATV/VHF/UHF (Cable-ready)

Automatically channel scanning and preview

Pre-schedule recording (MPEG-1/2) — Never miss your favorite programs NEW

Time-shifting playback, Instant TV Replay NEW

Include Remote Control — Channel selection and recording make easy

Built-in i.Link DV, Composite (RCA) and S-Video connectors — Capture external video source NEW

Real-time capture video in VCD-, SVCD-, miniDVD-, DVD-ready files

Automatic multiple-files recording (file list stored) — Record long-duration program NEW

“0” Rendering MPEG video editing — No recompression, fast and easy

Final video can be recorded back to DV/Digital 8, or exported in VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD and DVD, or other file format (AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2)

According to the different needs, there are two versions for users to choose from — duravision DV Pro (without TV function) and duravision DV ProTV(with TV function). For more info, please visit

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