Boris FX 6.1 Now Shipping for OS X, XP

Reprinted from a Boris press release:

Boston — Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology for the television, broadcast, post production, and multi-media markets, today announced that Boris FX 6.1 is now shipping. FX includes support for the latest operating systems on both Macintosh and Windows platform computers, as well as a variety of new features.

Boris FX is the industry standard for integrated effects creation in nonlinear editingAdvanced compositing features include animated apply modes, motion blur, particles, lighting effects and displacement mapping. . Composite unlimited layers of timeline video or imported media in three dimensions. Easily create self-animating nature effects such as snow, rain, fire, clouds, and stars. FX also supports third-party After Effects filters.

“The release of Boris FX 6.1 reflects our continued commitment to updating all of our software to meet the changing needs of the marketplace ,” says Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky. “We recognize the need for constantly updating performance and features to meet the creative demands of video editors, as well as the need to keep up with changes in their editing applications and operating systems.”

New Feature Highlights in Boris FX 6.1
In addition to new operating system support, feature highlights in Boris FX 6.1 include:

Free filters from DigiEffects Delirium. Boris FX was the first to offer support for third-party Adobe After Effects filters inside nonlinear editing applications. To celebrate the release of Boris FX 6.1, we’ve included four free filters from DigiEffects, one of the first developers of AE plug-ins. Previous plug-in packages from DigiEffects include Aurorix, Berserk, and Cinelook, — the four filters included with FX 6.1 are from the award-winning Delirium package: DE Day for Night, DE Electrical Arcs, DE FireWorks and DE Fog Factory.

Intelligent Assistant for Boris FX. The Intelligent Assistant provides the most sophisticated online help system ever offered, including the equivalent of over 500 pages of searchable, hyperlinked text, and far more illustrations than typically found in help systems. Better still, it offers over 1.5 hours of narrated video. Text and video are presented in a resizable floating window above Boris FX, so that users can easily work along with provided examples. The Intelligent Assistant is available now on all supported Windows operating systems and Macintosh OS 9. Support for the Intelligent Assistant on Macintosh OS X is expected soon.

OMF Media import. Avid OMF media files may now be imported directly as movie files inside Boris FX 6.1.

Direct Show support. Boris FX 6.1 imports movie files created with Microsoft’s Direct Show format.

Interface enhancements include an improved Library Browser for animated previews of saved effects, three new gradient types, multiple keyframe selection and dragging, and timeline user marks with comments.

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