Discreet Ships ‘cleaner streaming studio’ Software Compilation

Reprinted from a Discreet press release:

San Francisco, California-May 20, 2002-Streaming is becoming a ubiquitous medium for reaching targeted audiences with more than 52 percent of U.S. Internet users over the age of 12 having watched or listened to online streaming media.** As the streaming market becomes more attractive to industry professionals, demand for cost efficient quality tools to deliver streamed content is increasing. Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc., today announced the availability of cleaner streaming studio-which will meet the demands of this growing market and offer new customers in streaming delivery an affordable and comprehensive suite of tools.

Encompassing its three most popular Internet streaming media software applications, cleaner live, cinestream, and cleaner-Discreet aims to enhance the workflow and success of diverse industries and applications including education and e-learning, corporate training, presentations, earnings calls, event promotions, live web events, archiving, the wedding industry and digital entertainment among others. Attractively priced for a SRP of US $795, Discreet's cleaner streaming studio offers professionals-with small or large budgets-an extensive toolset and feature functionality that gives them a start-to-finish streaming project environment.

Discreet's cleaner streaming studio provides an enhanced and streamlined process with three key products working together to augment customer productivity and efficiency in one cost effective collection: first, cleaner live software, an intuitive web-casting application, allows professionals to deliver live web events through integrated stream and PowerPoint presentations that support real-time media capture for archiving projects; second, cinestream software, a Windows DV based non-linear editing and content capture and tool, complete with interactive authoring capabilities, allows users to easily produce compelling visual experiences for the web; and third, cleaner software, the industry standard desktop content mastering application used by digital content producers, web developers and network/IT managers, captures, authors, filters, compresses, formats, secures and publishes media for on-demand, streamed delivery.

cleaner streaming studio is available in North America directly from the Discreet e-store.

** According to Arbitron/Edison Media Research

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