Reprinted from a VisioWave press release:

Ecublens, Switzerland March 26th 2002 VisioWave S.A. will jump at the unique opportunity of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2002, the world’s leading conference and exhibition for the converging electronic media communications industries to unveil its brand new Media Solutions.

VisioWave Media Solutions are providing an open digital video over IP platform for real time, full resolution and full rate live video streaming.

At NAB 2002, VisioWave will present the latest improvements of its successful Dynamic Coding technology providing DVD quality video at bit rates starting at 500 Kbits/s. But the real new thing is the presentation of the VisioWave Media Server software, as well as of the brand new VisioWave PCI-2 Multimedia Video Codec Board and the VisioWave Media Power Encoder.

VisioWave Media Server software is designed for distributed video networking applications. It comprises a live video server managing VisioWave’s complete range of software and hardware video codecs. A meta server is also included for high availability operator class video streaming network management as well as a live video archive server for video on demand oriented applications. VisioWave Media Server Software provides interfaces to third party media asset management software and full web based management.

VisioWave PCI-2 is a PCI multimedia Video Codec Board providing real-time, capture, processing, and coding of high quality, full rate, full resolution PAL or NTSC video including sound (MP3 coding). The VisioWave Media Power is a flexible and modular Digital Video Equipment providing up to ten simultaneous, high quality and independent PAL or NTSC video and sound (MP3 coding) ports.

“VisioWave’s Media Solutions’ architecture provides the market with an open and scalable video networking platform matching with requirements of corporate applications as well as with the demand of internet video services and content delivery networks, said Yann Guyonvarc’h, CEO of VisioWave.

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