Reprinted from a NewTek press release:

NAB – Las Vegas, NV – April 8, 2002 – NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, announced the release of Aura DV Paint, a real-time DV paint and animation system. With an extensive set of sophisticated painting and animation tools, Aura DV Paint allows users to paint directly on video in real-time, and edit their creations in real-time on the display of a digital video camera or other video monitor. Aura DV Paint has a retail value of $695, but will be available free of charge for a limited time to consumers who visit an Authorized NewTek Reseller in North America and receive a demonstration of any NewTek product.

Aura DV Paint is a powerful painting, animation and video layering system that can be used for something as simple as adding titles to a video project, or something as complex as complete animated shorts. With more than 100 preset video effects included in the package, users will discover how easy and fun it is to create professional-quality productions complete with titles and sophisticated painted elements.

Aura Video Paint has many features to help the user create stunning animations and computer graphics, including the following:

Import or Export DV files
Write directly to the frame buffer on a digital video camera or any other DV device
More than 100 preset video effects included
Stroke recorder to animate and reproduce brush strokes over time with support for pressure, size and noise parameters
Line, spline curve, shape draw with circle, ellipse and rectangle
Filled or outline drawing
Excellent control of pen, pencil, colored pencil, chalk, crayon, airbrush, watercolor, gouache and oil painting
Control pen/brush tip, tension, pressure, size, opacity and more
Rotoscoping for quick, powerful video painting; draw/paint operations over time and animated video brushes over time
… Drawing tablet support for Wacom (or compatible) with 256 levels of pressure and speed
… 2400 available image processing/drawing combinations
… Support for Intuos Tablets includes Multi pen and tool types, finger wheel, air brush, azimuth, attitude, pressure, and direction
… Text tool supports TrueType fonts and a wide range of text parameters including rotation, italics, opacity, spacing, border and glow
… Four user-defined color palettes plus unlimited colors and ranges
… Color, chroma, luminance and alpha channel keying
… Time-line based animation and video element editing environment
… Unlimited layers for stills, animation or video
… Resolution independent means any frame rate or size for animation and video
… Fully animated, 32 bit brushes
… Keyframe animation and video, motion blur and opacity
… Move any element in x,y or z heading, pitch or bank space
… Real-time overlay and alpha channels for every graphic layer
… Interactive layer rearrangement
… Photoshop PSD file format support and full Photoshop filter support

Aura DV Paint will be available beginning April 15, 2002 in North America through NewTek Authorized Resellers and at NewTek-sponsored training and demonstration events. Aura DV Paint has a suggested list price of $695US, but will be available free of charge through September 1, 2002.

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