Reprinted from a muvee press release:

SINGAPORE, April 3 — muvee Technologies announces the launch of its new ‘muvee autoProducer Cobalt’ product for the PC. The software is the result of technology innovations which enable the world’s first smart automatic video editing software. The software is targeted at the 95% of camcorder owners who shoot video but do not have the time or inclination to tackle conventional editing tools.

The software can use DV, AVI and MPEG-1 input video files and MP3 and WAV files for any music selected. It includes a choice of 24 production styles and the ability to mix in music or retain automatic mixing of the original video soundtrack. The software also allows the user to personalize the muvee productions with titles and credits. The muvee productions can be output in a range of formats such as MPEG-1 (for making VCD’s), ASF (for video emailing), AVI (for high-quality playback) or DV (for recording back to the camcorder).

muvee autoProducer uses patent-pending analysis techniques. The video is analyzed for characteristics such as shot boundaries, low-quality material, the presence of human faces and the direction and amount of motion. Selected music is analyzed for tempo, rhythm, cutting beats and overall energy/drive. The software uses this extracted information to decide how to edit the video.

The software runs on the Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP platforms. It is available now, priced $69.95.

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