Magix to Launch Music Maker 7

Reprinted from a Magix press release:

Los Angeles, CA – (04/22/02) MAGIX Entertainment, Corp. a worldwide market
and technology leader in the personal rich media content category, has
announced the launch of Music Maker 7, in stores May 15, 2002.

Music Maker 7 standard ($49.99) and deLuxe ($79.99) versions equip users of
any level with tools for producing self-made music. Additionally, users can
easily create and combine videos with their music, build a personal website
and publish their music productions on it to promote themselves. Both
versions contain the powerful music maker engine with easy drag & drop
loading of user-generated and program-provided samples of music and video
files. Also included in both versions, a 3D Sound-Generator for spectacular
movie sound effects, a new gigantic up-dated audio-visual library including
countless pre-set effects, instruments, melodies, 9 real-time audio effects,
a witty Text-to-Speech module, and free access to the huge MAGIX
online-sound archive. Music maker 7’s noteworthy, intuitive interface
continues to guide users through the production process concluding with the
new option to create an impressive personal website.

SOUND: The sources for sounds are endless–MPEGs, WAVs, MIDI, AVI, CDs, or
opt to record live vocals. Virtual instruments such as the drum machine to
create beats, a scratchbox for DJ scratching, a silver synth to simulate the
old analog synthesizer sounds, and a variety more provide the option to
design or generate musical components from scratch. The users can also use
the existing sounds provided in the sound pool CDs with a broad variety of
music styles in the form of samples, like drums, bass, guitar, keys, synth,
plus more (2, 200 samples for standard version and 3,300 for deLuxe

VIDEO: Users can load in their home DV camcorder or photo material combined
with their choice from 140 license-free video clips included. Add
beat-driven visual effects, self-made cross fades, generate text in motion,
and myriad of effect combinations off the video FX-Rack equipped with 600
effect presets makes manipulating videos and pictures simple for even entry
level users. Create fun videos, photo slide shows, VideoM@il or karaoke
shows with music, lyrics, and credits.

WEBSITES: An imaginative selection of 34 website templates make the power of
website creation a reality for many. Intuitive program guidance leads users
through arranging, loading, and posting of their own songs, video streams,
and photo slide shows. Users can also meet with their friends online for
Team Sessions where they can chat, swap files, create songs together, and
download the latest sounds to work on for free.

Music maker 7 is linked to the MAGIX web publishing area, MAGIX own
worldwide Internet forum for new music and video talent. Users can create
their own web area including photos, biography, and song text and then
upload their own creations for others to listen to and vote on. The
published work can move up into the MAGIX web charts, onto MAGIX web TV, or
be aired on MAGIX web radio.

For the tech-minded users that take their projects a step further, the music
maker 7 deLuxe version also offers CD-burning capabilities, the advantage of
plottable real-time FFT filters for sound delineating, 64 tracks (48
standard) of audio and video work space, 11 virtual instruments (8
standard), and including a high-quality video capturing function for TV
quality videos. Music Maker 7 deLuxe also features fully automatic remixing
of music with the new BPM and loop finders. There is even a brand new
Ambient Synth with 2 new sound atmospheres, an improved sampler, a
pitch-shifting engine, and a universal converter for Plug-Ins (DirectX <->
VST) which will unlock the creative potential of a vast array of 3rd-party
software effects that can be added into any Music Maker 7 deLuxe project!

MAGIX music maker 7 offers uncompromised quality and effortless
functionality for music enthusiasts, home videographers, and the unskilled
but bold website builders-to-be.

MAGIX Entertainment software is designed for everyone from teenagers to
professional DJs, teachers, Web designers and music novices worldwide. The
software will be available at most leading software retailers including Best
Buy, Micro Center, Electronic Boutiques, Office Depot, Media Play, CompUSA,
Circuit City, J&R, Fry’s and Virgin Megastores.

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