neoDVDstandard Bundled With Sony Drives for DVD+RW/+R and CD-R/RW

Reprinted from a MedioStream press release:

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 14 /PRNewswire/ — MedioStream, a leading provider of PC-based software for recording video to DVDs and CDs, today announced that its neoDVDstandard software, with its patent-pending “Direct-to-Disc Recording” and “Smart Buffering” features, is included in the latest generation of DVD+RW drives from Sony Electronics.

neoDVDstandard is bundled with the DRU-120A ATAPI internal model and the DRX-120L i.LINK (IEEE 1394) external burners from Sony. Both drives combine DVD+RW/+R and CD-R/RW recording with DVD-ROM and CD-ROM playback in one device. With this product bundle, consumers have an all-in-one solution for creating custom DVD-Video and Video CD discs from digital or analog videotapes, as well as the option to playback the discs on the computer or set-top DVD players.

neoDVDstandard was selected by Sony for its latest generation of DVD+RW drives because of its simplicity and ease of use. Designed specifically for the home camcorder user, neoDVDstandard enables consumers to quickly and easily create high-quality customized video discs right from their home PC.

About neoDVD
Designed specifically for consumers, MedioStream’s neoDVD suite of DVD authoring software offers a complete, real-time end-to-end solution for consumers to easily capture, edit, compress, author and burn DVD or VCD video files onto their recordable DVD and CD drives. neoDVD supports live capture from camcorders, as well as input from DV, AVI, Quick Time, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video files. In addition, neoDVD offers automatic PAL/NTSC format conversion, and the ability to personalize DVDs or VCDs, including adding audio overlay, chapter titles, customized menu, and transitional effects. With no video processing experience, the average camcorder user can quickly and easily create DVDs or VCDs on their home PC.

“Direct-to-Disc Recording” allows users to turn old home movies and videos into DVDs in a simple, truly one-step process, instead of having to use the PC first as a buffer to create a disc image for burning. This reduces hard disk drive requirements and makes the process of creating a DVD easier than ever. “Direct-to-Disc Recording” is compatible with all commercially available DVD+RW drives.

“Smart Buffering,” compatible with all commercially available DVD-R/RW and DVD+RW drives, allows users to reduce the minimum hard disk drive requirements on PCs that are too slow to achieve real time DV to DVD transcoding, or where system resources are being used for different tasks. Typically, when a PC lacks the minimum processing speed required for real-time performance, the software will buffer the incoming DV video onto the hard disk drive while waiting for the CPU to finish its current task. With “Smart Buffering,” neoDVD will cause the camcorder to pause instead of buffering the video on the hard disk drive. By automatically controlling the camcorder, neoDVD can perform DV to DVD transcoding on PCs having as little as 400MB of hard disk space when using a DVD+RW recordable drive.

About Sony DVD+RW/+R and CD-R/RW Combo Drives
The Sony DRU-120A and DRX-120L model drives and software suite enable users to seamlessly back up or store up to 4.7GB of computer data on a disc, transfer and convert over two hours of high quality (MPEG-2) digital video footage from a camcorder or VCR, and play back DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs. Both drives support up to 2.4X maximum writing speed for DVD+R/RW, and 12X maximum recording speed for CD-R, respectively. For users of i.LINK-equipped PCs, the DRX-120L provides the convenience of plug-and-play connectivity and the ability to daisy-chain other i.LINK devices (such as DV camcorders) to the drive. The Sony DRU-120A will be available in May for an estimated selling price of $499.99 and the DRX-120L model drive will be available in June for an estimated retail price of $599.99.

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