Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

San Jose, Calif. (March 18, 2002) – Canopus Corporation has chosen the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas next month for the U.S. unveiling of its new editing workstation for the broadcast market, CWS(tm)-100. CWS-100 is a high-performance workstation that combines the best of both linear and nonlinear editing systems. Designed specifically for the broadcast market and powered by dual AMD Athlon(tm) processors, CWS-100 boasts a linear workflow that is perfect for newsroom-style editors, while maintaining a nonlinear feature set suited for more complex editing projects.

Canopus Rextor – Next Generation Realtime Editing
Designed specifically for demanding offline editing applications, such as electronic news gathering, CWS-100 breaks new ground with its integrated support of professional edit controllers for precise, frame-accurate playback from professional decks directly onto the Canopus Rextor nonlinear editing timeline. Rextor is a professional streamlined editing tool that allows linear editors to reap the benefits of nonlinear editing without changing the workflow they’ve already mastered. The advanced nonlinear editing benefits Rextor delivers to this audience include main track with A/B editing and realtime transitions, titles, color correction, video filters and chroma key capabilities.

No Need to Capture Video Before Trimming and Editing Clips
Linear editors have been hesitant to embrace nonlinear technologies because the process of capturing video, trimming clips and adding transitions have made it difficult to get even the simplest projects out the door. Rextor overcomes this hurdle allowing for three-point insert edits without ever seeing a capture window. For example, Rextor lets users take a ten second shot from their source VTR and place it right in the timeline using an edit controller.

Canopus has built crystal-clear shuttle-and-jog on sound into CWS-100 for precise audio monitoring. By accurately reproducing audio at any playback speed, users scan through captured video to listen for edit points instead of looking for them. CWS-100’s processing power brings this previously linear-only feature to an affordable NLE system.

Rextor also gives users complete control to manage and view clips through its advanced clip management tools. Rextor’s powerful built-in search engine lets users access and rearrange clips using several different parameters, including name, length or reel number. Combine this with standard SMPTE transitions, J and L cuts, and full EDL support, and linear editors feel right at home.

CWS-100 supports DV, Component, S-Video and Composite video input and output. On the audio front, CWS-100 supports balanced and unbalanced audio input and output. CWS-100 also features Canopus’s acclaimed MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding technology to deliver the high-quality video and audio output required for DVD authoring or video streaming.

In addition, CWS-100 users can create content quickly for use with Canopus’s MediaEdge(tm) video networking solution. MediaEdge is an affordable video networking solution that uses the company’s proven MPEG compression technology to deliver professional-level video over LANs. Supporting video-on-demand, live broadcast, streaming media applications, and pre-programmed playback, MediaEdge is ideal for high quality video distribution in retail stores, schools, corporations, airports, museums, theaters and other locations where video-based information is shared.

Canopus and AMD Offer Leadership in Digital Video Editing
Canopus has worked closely with AMD, a global supplier of processors for desktop and mobile PCs, servers, and workstations, to create a hybrid editing system that delivers unparalleled realtime performance. At the heart of CWS-100 lies two AMD Athlon(tm) MP processors. The AMD Athlon MP processor features QuantiSpeed(tm) architecture, Smart MP technology and the innovative AMD-760(tm) MPX chipset. CWS-100 delivers a stable, high-performance multiprocessing platform that allows users to perform professional effects, such as color correction with waveform/vectorscope, chroma key and picture-in-picture, without rendering.

Pricing and Availability
CWS-100 will be available from Canopus authorized dealers and system integrators in May 2002 for a suggested retail price of $25,000. An SDI option for CWS-100 will be available this summer.

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