Sharp Breaks Out New Viewcams at CES

Reprinted from a Sharp press release:

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 8, 2002 — Commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the Viewcam brand of camcorders, Sharp Electronics Corporation today announced a complete return to the Viewcam design and unveiled the three most technologically advanced additions to its digital camcorder product line. Developed for consumers on the go, these new Viewcams, models VL-NZ50U, VL-NZ100U and VL-NZ150U, offer a number of exciting features, in a sleek, compact design with a three-inch color LCD view screen. All of Sharp’s camcorders will now utilize the innovative Viewcam design, which launched a revolution in camcorders a decade ago.

With Sharp’s return to the two-handed Viewcam form-factor for its digital line, the company has created a line of exceptionally compact and user friendly digital camcorders. With a 20 percent overall size reduction and handy new shoulder and hand straps, it’s possible to carry these camcorders almost anywhere. Each Viewcam is approximately the size of a paperback book, weighs only one pound and has both still and full motion recording capability.

All three models feature the ability to record and playback in 16:9 widescreen mode as well as 180 degree angle playback correction, which inverts the image on the LCD screen enabling the user to “get into the picture” and record by viewing the image right side up. Other features included in all models are a lithium ion rechargeable battery, LCD manual control, built-in speakers, 10x optical zoom, 300x digital zoom and up to 95 minutes of continuous recording on a mini DV tape.

Easy transfer of images between all three Viewcam models and a PC is possible. Both the VL-NZ150U and the VL-NZ100U are equipped with an MMC/SD memory card slot. The VL-NZ100U includes an 8MB Smart Media card and the VL-NZ150U includes a 16MB Smart Media card. The VL-NZ150U includes a remote control, while remote controls are available as optional accessories for the other models.

The VL-NZ100U and VL-NZ150U are equipped with a USB interface with drivers, making downloading pictures and videos to a PC simple and easy. These Viewcams include digital image stabilization and picture effects, which ensure the clarity and crispness of video footage and still pictures.

The VL-NZ50U, the VL-NZ100U and the VL-NZ150U will all be available in March 2002. The VL-NZ50U will have a manufacturers suggested retail price of $599.95, the VL-NZ100U will have an MSRP of $699.95 and the VL-NZ150U will have an MSRP of $799.95.

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