Pinnacle Systems Announces Studio Deluxe at CES

Reprinted from a Pinnacle press release:

Las Vegas, NV , 1/9/2002 – Pinnacle Systems, Inc. today announced Studio Deluxe, a new addition to its top-selling Studio line of consumer video products. Even though there has been explosive growth in digital camcorder sales, there are still many users with analog camcorders. Supporting both DV and analog video from capture to output, Studio Deluxe includes many of the features that were previously only available in professional systems costing $1,000 or more. Pinnacle Systems will begin shipping Studio Deluxe in February 2002 and the suggested retail price is only $299.

With Studio Deluxe, consumers have everything they need to capture, create and share entertaining videos on DVD or video tape. The complete package includes a professional breakout box and a video capture board that supports input from and output to digital and analog camcorders, VCRs and TV sets. No additional FireWire board is required. Software included is the award winning Studio 7 software as well as Pinnacle Express DVD creation software and Hollywood FX Plus, a professional-style transition effects software.

With support for both digital and analog video equipment, Pinnacle Systems’ new video editing system will appeal to all types of video enthusiasts:

Analog camcorder owners will have high quality video editing solution that they can use with their existing camcorder, with built in future compatibility when they upgrade to a DV camcorder.
DV camcorder owners will have all of the benefits of DV editing, with backwards compatibility for any legacy analog tapes.

In addition to providing the flexibility to work with an analog or DV camcorder, Studio Deluxe incorporates Pinnacle Systems’ award winning Studio 7 software–an easy-to-use program that allows users to edit videos like a professional.

Using Studio software, captured video can be edited by dragging and dropping scenes onto the Storyboard or Timeline view in any order. Videos can then be enhanced by choosing from over 100 transitions and 300 TitleDeko titles, and by adding sound and special effects, narration, and customized musical soundtracks. These capabilities are complemented with unique features that make video development faster and easier. SmartCapture enables users to digitize their video in a low-resolution file (300Mb/hour), edit it, and then recapture it at full DV resolution for the final output, saving valuable disk space and creative time. With SmartSound, musical soundtracks are automatically aligned with the duration of the video.

Once the video has been edited to perfection, Pinnacle Express allows users to quickly and easily burn their masterpiece to a Hollywood- style DVD complete with interactive menus.

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