RealSystem Adds MPEG-4 Support

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

RealNetworks announced Dec. 10 that the next version of RealSystem will natively support MPEG-4. RealSystem iQ, a real-time streaming protocol component that supports over 50 media types, will actually employ MPEG-4 immediately.

RealSystems 8, the current version, which includes RealPlayer, RealServer and RealProducer, is a standards-based, media delivery platform independent of any operating system.

While native support for MPEG-4, a multimedia standard developed by the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG), will be included in the next release, even now, RealNetworks said, it is supported as of today through server and client-side plug-ins of Envivio’s MPEG-4 technology.

The company did not announce specific plans or target date for the next version of RealSystems.

RealNetworks also announced it has joined the 3GPP, a main standards body for the mobile network industry, as well as participating in the multimedia specifications group (SA4) within the 3GPP. Involvement in the codecs working group, SA4, should enable RealNetworks to contribute to the definition and development of specifications for audio, video and multimedia codecs.

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