by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Canopus Corp recently announced 3D RT, an across the board addtion of real-time 3D transition capabilities for its DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm, DVRex RT and DVRex RT Professional editing products.

With Canopus users already enjoying real-time, render-free DV output capabilites, the company heralds the addition of real-time 3D capabilities, as an unparalleled level of functionality for the Canopus line.

With 3D RT, users can choose from five 3D transition groups (Page Peel, Fly Away, Single Door, Double Door and Sphere), and more than 30 preset transitions for 3D creation that the company promises will be free o soft or jagged edges users encounter on other systems.
The real-time 3D effects, Canopus said, support Adobe Premiere 6.0 as well as its own Storm Edit and Rex Edit applications and will be incorporated into in newly-purchased DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm, DVRex RT and DVRex RT Professional products. Users who purchased these products after Oct. 1, 2001 can upgrade free, while other users can purchase the upgrade for $99 at The realtime 3D plug-in requires a Pentium 1.5GHz or AMD Athlon 1.4GHz or higher CPU, the company said.

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